On Losing You

Feeling lousy today with only myself to blame…

Home, Sweet, Home - When A Whisper Is A Shout of Love

On Losing You
by Michael Romani

In losing you
I might as well
Have lost my life
Sad, but, true
This end of tale..
I would have made you my wife

I did you wrong
I cannot change that
Though I wish I could
I no longer belong
That's just a fact
I have done bad while wishing to do good

Through the distance
I feel your tears
And these become my own
Though my heart feels with insistence
That ours is a love to last the years
I stare into nothing and am alone

This world has grown cold
Without your love to warm me
I have stumbled in my mistakes
Tattered and suddenly feeling old
My misery needs no company
But, to embrace my last heartbreak

It's this stillness in my heart
That has replaced the passions felt
It has crippled my understanding
Once felt on our start
A cruel hand has been dealt
My silent whisper, "I love you", is given undemanding

(c) July 24, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - A Silent Prayer









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