Cut To the Quick

Life has its moments, doesn’t it? Some of the worse are when we get in a fight with someone we love dearly, right?  Wrote most of this last night.  Today, we quickly made up. Thinking that I wish I were a better man.

Dancing With Tiggy

Cut To the Quick
by Michael Romani

Between the sighing harmonies
That make us weak in our knees
And all of the endless pretenses
Found flooding our lulled senses
There the jolts in life keep us awake
Aware of our best efforts and all of our mistakes

Nothing hurts like a perfect miracle gone bad
With it's attendant loss and feeling sad
Finding myself wishing I could part the clouds
To do that one thing; anything to make her proud
Dreaming of this like the sun shining
While fully aware that we're flat lining

Sweet nothings tease like a whisper
Lost in the spaces since I kissed her
Gushing lyrics bleed in transcendence
While sorrows pace in their attendance
Cut to the quick by my mistaken suspicion
I have nothing left to offer but my contrition

In the scratchy, hazy aesthetic of pettiness
Life at its best is a thick arrangement of prettiness
Pervasively sung in a round of circularity
Chasing after meaning in its sincerity
Worldwide everyone hums and sings along
In our weaknesses, we learn to be strong

In the distance, we hear it folkish and bright
Life's song sung like a monologue infiltrated and light
Careening like a bludgeon of unmoderated ecstasy 
Shattered dishes serve us into cloaked melancholy
Disguised as a crooned confessional lullaby
In a catechism of maybes given in near silent reply

There is beauty in wishing otherwise
As star-crossed lovers grace each other's eyes
It's the world's oldest mantra given as a prize
In an alloy of optimism, they greet the sunrise
Love given to defeat cynicism's darkness with light
Dreaming the hope of making this life more right

(c) September 13, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Celestial Hideaway - Tiggy Pounced



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