Making Our House Into A Home

Today was a beautiful day.  It was Tiggy’s  Rezz  Day… and all that went well.  Then there’s the part where we got engaged! 😉

Making our house into a home

Making Our House Into Our Home
by Michael Romani

You've long since gone to sleep and dream
As I look back on the photographs that seem
To have captured our story fairly well
In all that the pictures say and reveal

Still, I cannot seem to get the right words to say
All that you mean to me and I am desperate to convey
How thankful I am that when I stooped on bended knee
To ask you to marry the likes of me, you did agree

For me, I have loved you since the moment that we met
Straight away I knew you were the girl I could never forget
And as I look back on our photographic story
I see a journey for two with love, laugh and trace of glory

Thank you for being everything that I've found you are
From you to me, and me to you, you are my superstar
Thank you for being there that night for me to find
My North Star in my best friend and easer of my mind

I smile knowing that we have a forever kind of love
For that I smile as I thank the heavens above

(c)  September 30, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Happiest of Rezz Days,Darling Tiggy!





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