Love Triology: 2 – To Dance This Dance

Part 2:

Home, Sweet, Home2 -  The Pleasure Principle In Praxis

To Dance This Dance
by Michael Romani

To notice you in the light
How your eyes sparkle so bright
Not knowing the ways of this dance
Only knowing I wish you fine romance

And that in this romance, we might find
That we reach our compromise of heart and mind
To love you is no longer only a choice
But, my truest feelings finding voice

I watch as you move and sway
I'm out of breath now knowing what to say
Except to whisper words of true love
And pray for us to all that is above

This is not a stratagem that I know well
My clumsiness at this so easily reveals
The necessity that you might show mercy
And this part of love soon become our history

(c) October 20, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Day 2 of Tiggy's Particles




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