Who Am I Without You?

I am going to ask that without extensive explanation that the readers of this blog please hold my better half, known as Tiggy here, in your thoughts and prayers for quick and as complete as possible healing.  And if you could hold it in your hearts to do so, maybe that the pain she will undergo in doing so will be less than it might be.  The good news is that she is out of surgery now, so, hopefully the worse is over.  Still, all the same, please keep her in your prayers or thoughts, whichever or both that you might do best.  Thank you!

Home, Sweet, Home - Holding On For As Long As She Allows Me

Who Am I Without You?
by Michael Romani

Though it's been but the passing of a day
I find that I miss you in nearly every way
You have come to be such a part of my life
You have brought me peace and taken my strife

These quiet moments when you are gone
Seem to stretch endlessly on and on
Missing your laughter and your beautiful smile
All the things that you do in your sweet style

Who am I without you?
But a man who cherishes his memory
What am I without you?
Just a man dreaming happily

But feeling so a little alone
For you've shown me my heart is not stone
But instead is one that lives for you
And all the loving things you always do

Who am I without you?
But a man who keeps asking that question
And seldom knows quite what to do
Loving you came without hesitation

And now in your time of need
I find that I'm not there to hold your hand
Though to a loving God I do quietly plead
It seems time and distance do not understand

That who I am without you
Is a man who feels somehow incomplete
Heart worn on sleeve and just in view
Suggests your love is rare and sweet

And that I am wise enough to know
That I am so blessed to watch our love grow
I read your words that make me smile
And tell that our time apart is worth the while

And still the question lingers on
Like a song in this time that you are gone
Who am I without you, dear?
Is a man whom God has invited to see so clear

(c) October 29, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - All of My Heart Goes With You Tonight, My Love




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