Patchwork of Love

First duet style poem/ song written by Tiggy and I together.  It stemmed from a conversation we were having.

Home, Sweet, Home - Late Night Conversation

Patchwork of Love
by Tiggy T and Michael Romani


My complex road map crossed your path, 
Its not hard to do the math. 
Some things happen for a reason;
No matter what year, day or season.


I see the quilt your life has become  
The roads you've taken and then some  
And I know that you are so very beautiful   
With every patch, you're more wonderful


Every scar tells its own story 
About courage, fear and glory
When suffering becomes victory 
You can be who you wanna be


I live to love your story    
In every scar there is your glory  
Yours is the heart I love to hold   
In your eyes, my best stories told

 I have loved you since first we met
 Something about you, I won't ever regret
 The touch of your soul touching mine
 Your love is just that-  rare and fine


The things you say read like poetry
Could it be that you really love me
My life has not prepared me for that
Still, I know it seems a natural fact

I love how you touch me so deep
I've always been too strong to keep
But I feel so right being with you
Keep on doing all the things you do


I pledge my love from all of my heart
To always love you as I have from the start
To touch you and be touched by you
In all the things that we will come to do

Yours is the love that I'll always need
Your inspiration is my soul truly freed
Thank you, darling, for truly loving me
You help me to be the man I'm meant to be


Let's walk this walk always together
I'll love you right and make things better
You are teaching me what I've never known
How good love can be when truly shown

Yours is the love that I may just need
Not keeping me down but truly freed
Thank you for showing me things to see
I hope our love is forever as it's meant to be

(c) November 7-8, 2018  Tiggy T and Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Land of Thor - Heart of My Heart; Soul of My Soul





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