Stepping Stones of Suffering

Sometimes we have moments of “ouch”…

Seven Days - Painted Into A Corner By Thinking

Stepping Stones of Suffering
by Michael Romani

There at the end of the day
I come to my knees to pray
It seems my thoughts often stray
Some fleeting; others won't go away

Stepping stones of suffering
Universally buffering
The feeling we live the game
Bearing up under self imposed blame

Your knife in my back is nothing
Compared to that dark something
In the emptiness of words you say
All your accusations that don't play

Will you be as happy with your words
As when they first occurred
When maybe I am not longer here
I hope these ring as justified and sincere

When I am dead and gone
Will you be glad that you raged on
Or, will you find your way to regret
Knowing that I loved you and you won't forget?

Mired there in your life's mud
Did you get your pound of flesh out of my blood
In this end, I hope it's served you well
All these final acts that break your spell

In the end, we all suffer the same
And no one is any more to blame
Getting it right, we're here for each other
Getting it wrong, we shut out all others

Though our truth doesn't always please
Tiny slice take their cut in degrees
Each moment's pain begs for empathy
Compassion's echo bleeds into sympathy

(c) November 30, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

New Life Christian Fellowship Church - Hold On, Pain Ends




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4 Responses to Stepping Stones of Suffering

  1. Lona Gynt says:

    Powerful conculsion Michael:

    “Each moment’s pain begs for empathy
    Compassion’s echo bleeds into sympathy”

    love it, was so good to see you and to meet Aoife today. Be well friend!


    • Very good to see you there as well!! Thank you for the input on the poem. I wrote maybe 4-5 poem yesterday in a huge effort to catch up. I’ll be putting 2-3 poems up today as well. One day I’ll see if publishers might care for my work? I have maybe 12 volumes worth of poetry on a wide range of topics ready for a little editing probably but mostly ready for publication? I say little editing maybe because I mostly post first at best second edits as I take my poetry from handwritten to being typed up. The hardest part on here is that I decided to borrow William Blake’s idea of always accompanying my works with photographs that I have taken (so far on here from SL .. but then you knew that right? ). Anyhow, truly great to run into you again. It’s funny, yet wonderful, how SL brings folks together from around the world isn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lona Gynt says:

        yes, it is wonderful. the world needs poetry, it just doesn’t know it. so let’s keep saving the world from itself togetha, watcha say? I’m still doing my little crazy dance that I ran into you after such a long time on a chance pop into SL (had not actually been able to be on SL for 3 weeks! I pop in and I see my friend Michael!! Awesome!)


      • You are too kind! And yes, very wonderful to know that you’re out there thriving and figuring things out. Not sure about saving the world. LOL I look at my missteps and I think we’d all best walk together side by side finding commonalities where we can and do and holding those up who stumble when need be? I always love when people who see the world differently than me and I can come together to create and hopefully do some tiny bit to make life interesting and good.

        Liked by 1 person

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