Simply Do Unto Others​

Based in part on Matthew 7: 12:

House of Prayer - Living the Golden Rule

Simply Do Unto Others​
by Michael Doyle

In Jesus' name we give our gratitude
Demonstrated in our loving attitude
Thankful for His covering and His grace
Looking at love given in His embrace

In the darkness we live in His shining light
Doing our best to live by what's right
Praising the Lord for all that He has done
As our Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son

In everything we do we must treat others
As we would have them do as sisters and brothers
Unto us we ask that they might treat us right
That we might do the same morning, day and night

This is the Mount Everest of ethics summited at its peak
In living out the golden rule in all we do and speak
Living intentional in all of our lives in all due consideration
The please and thanks that offer up our best appreciation

Living our lives in beautiful and dutiful reciprocity
Doing what's loving is the law the rest is commentary
Avoiding the hateful things that come from our pride
And doing right toward all from the holiness felt inside

There is an obstacle of focusing on our own path
That we become oblivious to this very practical math
That giving and doing unto others is the doing
That's needed to avoid the worse sort of misconstruing

Thinking on how my actions impact surrounding others
And looking out for the best for all sisters and brothers
Always taking the initiative of seeking to act kind
Remembering an eye for eye leaves the world blind

This is the path to loving our Lord with all we are
Then loving our neighbors guided just as far
As we learn to forgive in all that we do as we live
Remembering less to take than to truly forgive

And to love is so much further than the tallied score
Giving more and more to the good and then more
No longer stuck in competition but in living love
This is the breaking of the cycle and lived from above

Choosing not judgment but understanding
Thinking less of rejection than acceptance in understanding
Where there is shame seek out all compassion
Living the more of less expectation with all our passion

Helping the healing not being stuck in the bitter
Acting from love not pain gets us past the heavy hitter
That takes us to the path that we live with dignity
Giving more honor to those we love as one Divinity

Wishing for the best of all around us with sincerity
This is the way of living love within it's clarity
Love is the religion of wanting all to have their best
Elevating the needs and wants of others is our test

Seeking this daily in our hopes, thoughts and prayers
Sending blessings to those while we climb life's stairs
This is the truth of the just who live in all humility
And the best path to stay by the will of God's divinity

It only takes a spark to light the flame passing it on
One more prayer to live before all we know is gone
Making life a bit easier and more blessed for all
Repented by, lived for and keeping the promise of God's call

(c) March 8, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer -Let Our Homes Be Homes of Prayer




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