Welcome to Aloha Promises Forever!!
Aloha is hello.  Aloha is goodbye.   Aloha is all points in between.  Aloha is the spirit of life.   It is indeed the breath of life.   As such, it is not to be kept selfishly but shared because as with love there is no life until it is given.   Once it is given and shared, its blessings continue on forever and always in all ways.
This on going work is to be seen as endless with each new day its own beginning.  This journey will be focused on the goodness and nobility and truth that is found both in a virtual environment called Second Life and in life existing outside of this environment that many of us love and cherish as “real” life.
We journey these paths together.  Your hosts are Allyson Romani (“Ally”) and Michael Romani (“Michael”).  Together we will explore Second Life and the rest that life brings to us in written word, photography and  a look at live music events and other celebrations and events that come to our path.  Along the way, we will look at surfing, beautiful sims, meaningful events. fine arts and a multitude of subjects while sharing our perspectives on all of this.  The hope being we will all grow together.  Because of this, we encourage others to join in on this discussion.
We will include both poetry and prose as well as photographs and we hope to eventually include video and podcasts as well.  This is in the works and is not so much a promise that it will happen but a statement that I have the very best intention to make this so if it is at all possible within our means.
So, please let us begin this journey together today!!