Welcome to Aloha Promises Forever!!
As aloha is hello, goodbye and all points in between, so then in some ways is this blog.  At first we were going to focus more on beach and health and issues and related concerns.  As time has gone on, we have gone a more natural flow for us.
The purpose of this blog as is our lives it so focus on the good, the noble, the pure, and all things that add to life for us and for others.  We believe this to be reflective of the spirit of Aloha.  It is in the giving and sharing that life is truly lived.
On this journey we will explore Second Life and the rest that life brings to us in written word, photography and music events. We will also look at celebrations and events as these occur.  Along the way, we will look at surfing, beautiful sims, meaningful events. fine arts and a multitude of subjects while sharing our perspectives on all of this.
The hope being we will all grow together.  Because of this, we encourage others to join in on this discussion.
We will include both poetry and prose as well as photographs and we hope to eventually include video and podcasts as well.
So, please let us begin this journey together today!!