Welcome to Aloha Promises Forever!!
As I have retired early for medical reasons, this blog’s focus will increasingly shift in focus from its past which as it turned out was mostly poetry and philosophy.  It will now incorporate both of these while turning a bit more into the things currently mattering the most to me.  This will include keeping the poetry and philosophy but also now incorporate health;  photography and fine art as these are now sold on my Fine Art America site; and I am excited to say that we are now moving into a brand new adventure.
What is this grand adventure?  I can imagine the faithful readers of this blog and others asking.
When I had originally agreed to move to the Midwest way back in 2004, it was under the agreement that I would devote quite a bit of time to photographing  and writing about what is stereotyped by some as ‘fly over country’.  The reason for photographing and writing was that as I researched the area in contemplation of the move, I discovered a lot of history, architecture and natural history that practically and urgently begs not to be overlooked.
Now that life has changed, it’s time to get back onto that delayed project.  But, in getting back to that delayed project, I am excited to say that the current hope is to extend this to incorporate the entirety of the United States.  I hesitate to bound this too strictly into a given time frame.  I have long since learned that sometimes things just sort of develop of their own accord.  But, let’s tentatively call this the 48 month project starting now.
In light of these changes, the name I will use here from now on is mine, Michael Doyle.  Michael Romani is an avatar representation of myself used in Second Life and seemed like an apt pen name.  The reason for the pen name all of this time is that I worked in a position where if I took a controversial position or supported one candidate too strongly over another, it might be looked harshly on.   This is no longer a concern.
Please join in supporting the endeavors of this blog.  You can do so in several ways.  First, every time you click on a page here in the blog it provides some sort of passive accrued income per clicks.  With respect to this, probably the more clicks the better.  But that’s not required.    Secondly, you can make one time donations via the pay button on the top page in multiples of $3.00.  Do this as often as you’d like.  I promise not to complain.  Lastly, for the time being readers here can purchase many fine art products off my Fine Art America site located at:
Stay tuned for e-reader and other media publications of multiple volumes of poetry and other writings coming soon from a mind near yours (in an internet sense of that) including a pictorial history of Indiana (coming sooner than you think) and other stories and books that are in process.
Please tag along and ….Let our journeys begin afresh!!