Hope To Persevere

So much adversity in our daily lives and it’s blasted toward us in 4D stereo by newscasters and pontificators who have seemingly forgotten that we need to believe things are going to turn out alright if only we are strong and bold enough to work this through together.   Here’s my response to all the naysaying going on:

Home, Sweet, Home2 -Multicolored Dandelions In the Wind

Hope To Persevere
by Michael Romani

Some people think life is to be born fresh
Born fresh enough only to be born to suffer
That sort of reasoning to me doesn't mesh
So, I keep it out of me with my buffer

Kept out with my buffer of hope, despite good cause
Pollution, hatred, hunger - all give great pause
All surpassed by the annoying behaviors of some
Both famous and not, but, none will be named; none

I will hold instead to the hope of optimism
Standing strong against the crush of life's pessimism
Believing that somehow at the end of the day
All that I hope and for will prove to be okay

No matter how dire things seem or really get
I believe in healing and living with few regrets
People's goodness, God willing, will find a way
As more than another mantra that some say

But, like fingers of slanting lightning 
There is an illumination against the frightening
Circumstances can never control our reactions
Staying grounded in this truth brings satisfaction

My truth may not be your same truth
But, it has been mine since my youth
At times, it has helped me to survive loss
Holding to solid ground and not being storm tossed

Despite life's adversities; I feel hope on every street
In the love that refuses to give up; in so many I meet
Despite this age of fear and collective grief
It is this love and hope that gives me relief

Looking for all the helpers in times of disaster
Believing life can be renewed even after
You see, it's as they say; we can give into fear
Or, we can better choose to believe in hope and persevere

(c) September 18, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Water Edge Town - New Life Christian Fellowship - Hope




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Daily Prompt – Mass

In our daily prayer for the living

We find ourselves quickly forgiving

All that happens as it must and might

The little things meant taken as slight

Wisdom  in our souls come to prevail

To go on living rightly as we shall

There behind the stained glass

And out beyond, we live this mass

To forgive is not just devine, it’s necessary

Despite what one hears to the contrary

But long before the age of Tiffany

Mankind’s lesson became our legacy

That we must learn to live love not fear

If humanity stands the chance to persevere


Love, Henry -Stain Glass Mass



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Thought For the Day: A Right Life Cultivates Kindness

“To cultivate kindness is a valuable part of the business of life.” – Samuel Johnson, lexicographer (18 Sep 1709-1784)




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First Principles: The Only Straight Course Is To Seek Truth Steadily

“There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.” – George Washington (1795)




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Thought For the Day: The Penalty In Failing To Participate In Politics Is Governance By Inferiors

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics 
is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato



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First Principle: At Special Times and After Cool, Deliberate Thinking, The Real Voice of the People May Be Known

“It is on great occasions only, and after time has been given for cool and deliberate reflection, that the real voice of the people can be known.” – George Washington, letter to Edward Carrington, 1796




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On Your First Birthday Together

Tiggy T and I just celebrated her first birthday with us as a couple.  This lady is more precious to me than my words can hope to say.   I told her as a last birthday present to her that I would write a poem for her just as I write each year for my little girls.  She smiled at that.  I’ll take that as a go ahead and do my worse?

Dome, Sweet, Dome - Tiggy's Birthday Dance

On Your first Birthday Together
by Michael Romani

Looking out across the million mile ocean
I find myself adrift deep in my emotion
Thinking back from the time together
Realizing that each day just gets better

I found myself thinking of the night we met
From the first moment knowing I would not forget
Nor do I believe that I'll ever have cause to regret
Or least I'm sure enough to take that bet

It was easy to see, you're a one of a kind edition
Your heart runs deep and I love you without condition
You have brought bliss, joy and mostly harmony
Since the first moment, you've been my family

Your loving care has filled my life with pleasure
Each day taken breath by breath in fullest measure
And now, my love, this is your sweet birthday
So, I give you reasons to smile in every single way

Every single way that I know or might guess
To show you that I love you and I confess
That I hope to spend every future birthday
Showing you that I love you in every way

We laid there talking, smiling, face to face
My finger tips remembering your body trace by trace
Laughing and dreaming of times we've yet to come
Erasing the sorrows of the past, or at least some

Quietly, I wrote you the words to our first song
A tale of hope and knowing where we truly belong
Do you remember love, it was truly just yesterday
When I turned and kissed you as if to pray

"Tell me your secrets; tell me no lies
Tell me you love as you look in my eyes
I'll tell you the truth in every note I play
There in each moment lived every day
From the moment you've touched me
You've been what I've need; my fantasy"

"A fantasy we make realer with each day
You show me you love me in all of your ways
I can't help but sit here and lovingly smile
As i watch your movements in your style
Lady love you are the making of a memory
And always the very best part of me" No words could ever be any more true Than those words from me to you I stare in wonder at the burning of your melody Knowing my beating heart plays out our harmony So happy birthday to you, my love To me you're like an angel from above God's private messenger offering me dreams And with these, the happiness of two human beings (c) September 16, 2018 Michael Romani All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Pre Birthday Party Conversation








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Role of Repentance

Based in part on Psalms 103

Queen's Gambit Declined - Whole Hearted

Role of Repentance
by Michael Romani

Positive and ever uplifting 
Moral ground never shifting
Coming to God's full acceptance
And willing to undergo repentance

Finding my way away from sin
Learning Jesus is indeed my friend
Finding my way into my best days
By changing old for new ways

Little itty bitty sins come a creeping
Taking blessings and leaving me weeping
Until finally placed behind a  solid wall
And all that's good is only what I recall

Finding myself needing and walking back
To the ways of God that I have come to lack
Bringing myself closer to His contentment
And doing so without the least of resentment

Here, there is the truest sense of peace and joy
And so I strive toward all His ways to employ
Putting my selfishness apart and growing in heart
I repent in walk and talk as I should have from the start

Repentance is not a matter of turning ourselves in 
Repentance is a matter of learning, turning from sin
Switch flips and we find ourselves in right position
Now able to find our way to the blessings again

It's an admission of truth of the wrongs we've done
An agreement to get back up and follow the ways of Son
This is not a one time ride but process of heartbreak
One that must be kept on, no matter how long it takes

With each confession and repentance, God's love given
Cleansed from unrighteousness we are forgiven
In the universe's infiniteness, we are emancipated  
And in this freeing, our freedom should be celebrated

It's this knowing beyond know that sin is very ugly
But wondering how it is that I find that it tugs me
Satan perches on my shoulder offering dispensation
It's all that I can do to offer him the Father's conversation

I am released from my old ways, not captive to my past
But instead a freeman eying the future's forecast
Knowing that I owe all to God's loving and full grace
And I accept His forgiveness in its fullest embrace

(c) September 16, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

All Angels Chapel - Without His Love, We Wouldn't Have A Prayer




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Thought For the Day: Government Should Be A Referee, Not An Active Player

“When government — in pursuit of good intentions — tries to rearrange the economy, legislate morality, or help special interests, the cost come in inefficiency, lack of motivation, and loss of freedom. Government should be a referee, not an active player.” – Milton Friedman




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First Principles: All Should Be Given Equal and Exact Justice Under the Rule of Law

“Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever persuasion, religious or political.” – Thomas Jefferson (1801)





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