Connections Made

In looking out toward what others do and say, sometimes I have moments of introspection.  Lately, this has centered and focused on the connections made between a lady I spend hours talking with and feeling so deep.  Not that past feelings have been shallow.  But, sometimes, things click a notch deeper and it clarifies all that has come before and where life is leading.  It’s interesting that a lot of this is coming up and being thought about by me because of a show she asked me to watch with her.  Seems like God is funny that way, always making little seemingly disconnected things add together into things needed to be seen and known.  And.. this I know:

Bellisieria - Alewife Home -Our Gungfu Is Mighty

Connections Made
by Michael Romani

Alone in my reflection
Seeking true connection
Caught in the circumstance
Of needing true acceptance

I hope to find this in you 
I need to have this from you
Talk to me, I feel this
Opening from our very first kiss

I need to know you
Nothing left to hide from you
Lost up in the easiness
Teared up in beautiful queasiness

The butterflies all flutter
I'm needing no other
Then the girl who wears my ring
For all that you bring

In the song we've sang
You are the yin to my yang
Not just some bit of flirtation
You are my final destination

Looking for reciprocation
Given in blessed anticipation
Let's walk this life together
I can't thing of anything better

Every time you call my name
I know it's true, you feel the same
And I want to spend my life
With you by my side as my wife

(c) February 28, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Bellisieria - Poppinjay - Victorian Home





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First Principles: It Is Better That Ten Guilty Persons Escape Than That One Innocent Suffer

“For the law holds, that it is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.” – Sir William Blackstone (Commentaries on the Laws of England, 9th ed., book 4, chapter 27, p. 358 (1783)

It is seldom understood in contemporary society that the colonists who first became we Americans were originally petitioning for redress of their rights as Englishmen.   When England refused to provide the rights given under English law is the time that rebellion became not only necessary but just.  Equity demands fair and rational treatment.



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Thought For the Day: Argument Established By Noise and Command Shows Weakness In Reason

“He who establishes his argument by noise and command, shows that his reason is weak.” – Michel De Montaigne, essayist (28 Feb 1533-1592)



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Let Us Begin

So many promises of the 20th century have led to false starts, broken hearts and the horror of confronting the results of our delusions.

Tequila Bae Beach - A Meditation On Sunny Pleasures

Let Us Begin
by Michael Romani

In pursuit of stronger minds
Do we risk leaving souls behind?
It seems the study of eugenics
Suggests we should not manipulate genetics

And when we consider the use of GMO
We see calculated risks can lose the roll
Some say the ends will surely justify
And while I don't mean to wrongly vilify

I find that I seldom truly agree
Not just as a matter of outright divinity
But one of basic and essential biology
That such risk often leads to travesty

The game of mastering the mind
Often seems fickly led by the blind
If you need another reason to be weary
Just think a moment on Timothy Leary

In the cold distance that we travel
As another mind melts and unravels
Expectations are often too demanding
As we grasp at our best understanding

For myself, I choose another road
The one less traveled, or, so I am told
The one of seeking further truth from within
Are ready to take this journey? Let us begin

(c) February 27, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

ArtSpace UTSA - A Gulling Meditation of Zen Too




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First Principles: America Should Be A Land of Safe and Agreeable Asylum To the Virtuous and Persecuted, Whatever Nation They May Come From

“I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong.” – George Washington




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Thought For the Day: The Constitution’s Purpose Is To Protect Rights, Not Popular Sovereignty

“Conservatives continue to use the word ‘democracy’ when discussing American politics. They need to reclaim the term ‘republic’ and continue to discuss unalienable rights, namely, property rights. The Constitution’s purpose is to protect rights, not popular sovereignty.” –  Will Ricciardella (Washington Examiner)



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Kindness Over Sin

Force never brings love into this world.  Eloquence can be stunning and yet is no proof of conviction.   So, what’s the answer?  Maybe…

Belliseria - Butterhedge - Moles Sandcastle

Kindness Over Sin
by Michael Romani

Not so much serendipity
As it is mere Christianity
To look out with certainty
And say its the base of theology

That to simply begin
Kindness beats back sin
Far more than zeal
To keep all of this real

You can offer up eloquence
But if it's simply pretense
And there is little to discern
It's by example that we best learn

Nothing trumps solid kindness
When it comes to removing blindness
Words that serve to tame
And beat out temptation's flame

Love by any other name
Provides that simple frame
By which the hurting can see
Feeling the healing of Christ's divinity

(c) February 26, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Belliseria - Fourze - Hangout Area On the Water





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In Dedication To You

One day I met a really wonderful elf.  As blessings would have it, the person behind that elf was even more wonderfully magical.  Our first conversation started simply.  We discussed the use of wind-lights in SL photography and one thing led to another and a little over 12 hours later, we stopped talking.  At some point, people need to sleep.  Imagine that?  The next day the conversation started again which led to more conversations which led to best kind of magic.  Two months working toward three… I hope she’s never done talking with me, ever.

Home, Sweet, Home - She's Had A Long Day

In Dedication To You
by Michael Romani

Would you weather my storms with me?
Could you accept and love all of me?
These are the questions, I need to know
With so much of life out of my control

You see, I've stared into my fatality
Learned the hardest way of my mortality
Even so, would you walk proudly by my side -
Giving to me your all with nothing to hide?

All of my past, it keeps talking to me
So much pain stains pages of my history
These are the details that stump and bedevil
I need to know that you're on the level

Your heart brings the rest I needed to find
Beguiling me into seeing past the blind
When you hold my hand, I know that I'll be okay
Leaving my broken heart behind this day

With all of my heart you take away my breath
Yours is the soul I want joined to mine at death
There is so much happiness in your sweet eyes
They awaken me softly with each new sunrise

Our acceptance and connection still my fears
I'll keep you safe and warm throughout our years
Walking vulnerable reeling in your inspiration
Each day, I pledge to you in sincere dedication

All of my love and completeness of devotion
These feelings of mine run deeper than any ocean
I smile at how we started with an all night conversation
I want to live our lives always in this loving connection

(c) February 26, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Rest Awhile With me





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Thought for the Day: Talent Is God Given. Be Humble.

“Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.” – John Wooden




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First Principles: We Have Staked the Future of All Our Political Constitutions On the Capacity of Ourselves To Act According to the Moral Principles of the Ten Commandments of God

“We have staked the whole future of our new nation, not upon the power of government; far from it. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments of God.” – James Madison (1778 in a speech to the Virginia General Assembly

When the secularists and even more the atheists attempt to paint a picture of Madison at the most being a Deist and not a Christian, it is best to dig deep into Madison’s own words.  The author of so much of out guiding first principles believed our government and acting in accord with God’s will were inseparable.  It is clear throughout his speeches and writings and way he spent his life.  To the degree that we have fallen away from this, it has been to America’s detriminent and not our best.  We would be very wise to understand this and live and choose accordingly as to how our society acts as individuals within this society but also in how we govern and how we act and react with other nations.  It is not about asking God to be on our side.  We should and indeed must be on God’s side in all our strivings.







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