Learning and Knowing Jesus

Based in part on Philippians 3:10:

Baja Sands -  Jesus Saves

Learning and Knowing Jesus
by Michael Romani

That we might know Him
Moving this out past whim
The questions start to run
How to tell about the one

What might one start to tell
About the man we follow
What might one begin to tell
So that they might better know

We all know a bit of the story
The fruits of God's good ministry
Most stop at the foot of Calvary
Failing to know the man from Galilee

Choosing instead to overly personify
Rather than recognizing his Divinity
He might be at home in the Congregation
But, He's more than just inspiration

Filtering him through our own paradigm
When we should be conforming to Him
Delving into the Bible's good authority
And unwrapping the keys to this mystery

Familiarizing yourself with the good Book
Takes more than an occasional short look
Knowing the Gospels will quietly reveal
The path in this life to becoming still

Vacation Bible School is over, he said
To know Him takes thinking in your head
To faithfully follow and abide in this
And truly becoming truly His

It's not enough to believe but to know
That beyond salvation is to truly follow
Abiding in who Jesus is and holding true
To the ways of the light for me and you

Know this, God and Jesus are the One
God in the flesh making sin undone
Eternally, He has been and will be
The Logos holding together Divinity

Trinity consisting as Father, Son and Holy Ghost
This is the solemn truth we need the most
God is not small and yet is in all details
Greater than the sum mankind can reveal

All things created by Him for Him
This concept goes beyond a whim
Ingrain it in your souls, sisters and brothers
He is God there is no room for another

The Jesus revealed is also fully human
And this become a challenge that can
Throw many off in its tempting difficulty
Yet, the Bible fully reveals this mystery 

We see the path of God in His growing
Learning into all that is worth knowing
Walking as a man who is one among men
He knew and grew but never fell to sin

Descended from Adam, God and man
Understand this if you will and can
He walked this world tempted not falling
Now we are to respond to His calling

God in Jesus came to save this World
He came humbly as time unfurled
Seeking to save all of us fallen
Whispered on the wind, He is calling

(c) June 24, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

River of Bethel -Names of Jesus

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Daily Prompt – Heat

In the heated challenge of the inside out

Where certainty is a near shadow of doubt

There are moments pondered here and now

When muddled conclusions work somehow

There in the midst of the summer’s heat

Is where the rubber and road connect and meet

Decisions made in split seconds echo errors

That make us wake sometimes in night terrors

Still, we make our decisions best that we can

It is the simple truth of every woman and man

Sometimes we wish we had a sort of do over

But, there is no such existing four leaf clover

That offers that sort of luck to us though we wish

The tempting apple falls down like a cold dish


Out of the Looking Glass/Into the Madness - Heated Temptation Pondered




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First Principles: Without A Foundation In Religion, Education Offers No Lessons In Virtue and Essential Liberty

“[T]he only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican governments.” – Benjamin Rush, On the Mode of Education Proper in a Republic, 1806





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Thought For the Day: Laughter Is Like Internal Jogging

“Laughter is a form of internal jogging.” – Norman Cousins, editor and author (24 Jun 1915-1990)






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Shadows On A Cavern Wall

Maybe Plato’s Republic still speaks to us today?

Inspirations - Shadows of Cursed Affliction

Shadows On A Cavern Wall
by Michael Romani

Tantalizingly close to greatness
The politicians cannot escape this
That life has grown to seem pointless
When truth is swept away and society..
                      ... meets its finish

Or, is it really that we are done
When the public reaches out
                    ...looking for someone
That can transcend the sum of zero
And fight for us like a hero

Fighting mediocrity to a stand still draw
Some of us refuse to find this tale
                        .. to tell
We take our stand against the nihilists' pessimism
Believing we will win in our optimism 

In this world of discarded metaphors
We stand together against spirits
                          ...so poor
That with disconnected impartiality
They've staked the dawn of mendacity 

That in this world all are special
And that because of this
                  ... no one is special
It's a special kind of misguided egalitarianism
That ultimately becomes a misanthropic chauvinism

In the name of false justice, we are fed
                          ...this delusion
By those who seek power through use of illusion
Spare and precise in their modernist lines
The faceless seek their rule through wordless mimes

Mocking greatness in hopes that it won't
Bound by senseless rules meant to conflate
Amid life's frustration with compromise
It is deception marketed for weary eyes

So it is in life's constant blur of discovery
That is only a handful who seek real recovery
From sitting blindly faced with shadowed walls
And know quite sadly that society will take its fall

(c) June 23, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL13B Electrify Landscape -   Cammino e Vivo Capovolto -The Shadowplay of Rebirth






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Thought For the Day: The Lingua Franca of Our Day Is Video and Sound

“‘Writing’ is the Latin of our times. The modern language of the people is video and sound.” – Lawrence Lessig, professor and political activist (b. 3 Jun 1961)

I hope he is wrong.  Then again, I can see why he would say this.  Look at the deep influences our video images have made in influencing policies and our daily lives.  From cat videos making us smile to documentaries making us think, there is much power in these media.  It cannot be denied.



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First Principles: It Is Essential That Public Opinion Be Enlightened

“In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened.” George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796




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Chance Encounter

For most of us, it seems from time to time that life is often a string of circumstances in which we try our best to make sense of it all…

SL13B Incredible - The Trump Card -  A Game of Chance

Chance Encounter
by Michael Romani

Like anonymous walls
Meeting in the corner
We stumble, but, do not fall
Stopping like Little Jack Horner
With our thumbs stuck in pies
Providing each other's alibis

It's hard to really know
Which passages to keep in heart
As we live life on the go
Never certain of when to depart
We drift in the love and squalor
As extraordinary as a blue dollar

These are the moments and instances
That make up all of life's coincidences
Bounds of sometimes association
Spent semi alone and in convocations
Modernity's ugly legacy of alienation
Is subtly treated with fascination

As we sit on the other side of the phone
Talking together and yet still alone
Somewhere in the gap between innocence
And knowing; both revealing our pretense
Talking in eerie points of resonance
It is a special relationship of impetus

There is a peculiar sense of business,
In all the practical decisions that lack finesse,
Yet, kill us in all of our dreaded souls
We offer each other kindness meant to console
While some share an unarticulated grief as we mourn
And still others of us have died before even being born

While we are in this world, we week to make connection
Some, such as me, should really stop for directions
Like the inner workings of a watch without its skin
We are gilded by exposure to our daily sins
Missing the marks that leave their scars
We smile at each other, reaching for the stars

(c) June 23, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL13B Incredible - The Trump Card -  A Game of Chance

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A Woman’s Thoughts On Reaching 50

A blend of bits of reality mixed with a column that I read:

Lick - Asian Fusion - Great Blue Heron In the Undegrowth

A Woman's Thoughts On Reaching 50
by Michael Romani

At risk and at torment of feeling superficial
She looks in the mirror, feeling somehow less special
Weight has been gained in new sorts of places
Sagging around the face, neck and other spaces

Mother Nature and time have left these traces
Despite her husband's love, support and warm embraces
Quiet but desperate panic settles awkwardly in 
If only to be twenty nine once again

Meaning has lost its silent satisfactions
She stands alone in her call for new action
Negative feelings and fears have left her mired
And she's like to move past despite being so tired

He looks at her with deep, abiding partiality
Understanding her dreaded fear of her mortality
But, no one get out alive, as they passively say
Death comes to all on their privately numbered day

In the life span of our flailing generation
It's easy to be lost in all of the seeming stagnation
Wishing a legacy for our children held in desperation
We pass the truth on in a shredded sense of regeneration

Living the world a better place is reputable
We desire to leave a mark that is immutable
Her loss of youth is not a loss of her deep beauty
He tells her this truth as is his privilege and duty

Spoken with a quiet, soft and loving grin
He reminds her, the greatest beauty shines from within
And its a better result than Botox can achieve
In passing along and on those things she believes

Hand in hand, he offers her comforting repair
A walk into the sunset away from her despair
As a hand up from her deep hole of morbid anxiety
He whispers her an "I love you" in all of his simplicity

(c) June 22, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Let's Dance Ballroom - Lilies In the Foyer



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First Principles: Beware of Fake Patriots

“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”  – George Washington




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