First Principles: Who Is John Galt? We Are John Galt!

“In planning, forming, and arranging laws, deliberation is always becoming, and always useful.” -James Wilson (1791)

Today’s First Principles will be slightly different than usual. I will encourage that you think on what the Father of American Law has stated regarding the necessity of authentic deliberation over legislation and then contrast it with the ram job of over 50 Executive Orders by the Biden Administration, the laws being rammed down America’s throat, and encourage each of you who elect to read on and to become and be that voice needed for America’s freedom and liberty to be restored as it is a God given right being taken from us.

And yet, where is it now? The Democrats by hook and by crook have seized the government and selected the present president. Facebook is unhappy that the truth be known. But it is only through seeking truth that we shall be set free. One does not need to be a political scientist nor even excessively bright to understand that the changing of electoral laws and procedures belongs, as it states in our Constitution, to the state legislatures for each state. That did not happen in the 2020 election cycle. The executive branch usurped a role that does not rightfully belong to it. Then when objection was raised, the Left in concert with a corrupted Big Media and Big Tech determined that every voice of dissent be shut down if it was determined that voice could be and would be heard.

I am but a very tiny voice in the face of the winds blowing shrilly from the mouths of trained orators. The only way this message gets through is if each who hears or reads this looks at our Constitution for themselves. On confirming the truth of what I am speaking and writing, that a power has been seized from the People, it is up to each of us to be brave enough to speak that truth. This past election, whatever votes have been summed from the dead, the illegal aliens and disenfranchised felons and those who were created one way or another out of whole cloth, have made these present circumstances.

In these present circumstances, the Democrats, Big Media and Big Tech have joined as a corrupted voice for the even less restrained further Left and now seek to pack our nation’s Supreme Court, to federalize the electoral process in affront to our Constitution without seeking to amend it as must lawfully be done and to attempt to make Puerto Rico a state without referendum from Puerto Ricans (unlawfully) into a state and to make Washington, D.C., into a state (even where the Constitution expressly forbids this).

We must be active as we have never done before. We must speak against the lawlessness even as they have seized the House, the Senate and the White House. 50 something executive orders in the first few weeks of the Biden presidency. That was so unprecedented that even the New York Times editorial staff felt compelled to call it out for that which it is. Executive fiat, tyranny, even though both House and Senate are now, however so, in the hands of the overreaching and presumptuous far Left. The only curb to the worse excesses of the money grab under the cover of Covid relief was the voice of the People heard by its fewer than before legitimate representatives.

There has been no actual deliberation as required by the legislature on much of what has transpired before the puppet tyrant was seated as our nation’s president select. Where there has been at least some it has proven worthy. Those who would collaborate with the the worse impulses of our nation were forced to sit through what the overreaching Left wrongfully called ‘needless and senseless delay’ and have the Covid relief act read before the nation. This was a brilliant move because there then is no excuse that they voted for this theft of our nation’s remaining treasury without having actually read what was in. Much like the Affordable Care Act that is being sought to be revived, much of the relief act had nothing good for the people and was actually detrimental to our great nation. This is the very thing we have earnestly been warned against. Those to lazy and arrogant to forge their own path have voted into office, those who seek to consolidate control of wealth in the hands of very few in return to feeding the mouths of those corrupted by feeding at the public trough.

We must as a Godfearing and faithful people must stand together, shoulder to shoulder against further encroachment of our treasuries, our nation’s governance and indeed even our very souls as the dictatorial impulses of the Democratic Party’s far Left keeps our Churches closed or severely restricted even as bars, gambling casinos and widespread and outrageous riots across our nation has been allowed to operate in their full swell without any worry over face masking, social distancing and everything they use to control the rest of us.

Gas prices have already risen some 55 cents on average across the nation; unemployment rates are actually up despite what was falsely reported the other day; businesses are still closed down; and people are being vaccinated with some sort of mRNA that they promise us will not alter our DNA. The latter of which is amazing to me. As some who read this will remember, I am quite interested in science and won first place at science fairs some six years in a row growing up. I do not pretend to be smarter than I am nor that I have seen the statistics for their bold claim. I will however openly state and wait for the fact checkers or others to dispute this that the entire way that mRNA works is to adhere and then enter into the protein wall of the DNA nucleus to inform it to alter that DNA’s operation. By definition that is altering the DNA. It is seriously doubtful and outright Orwellian to state that something that has the purpose of altering the DNA is not altering our DNA. The good and/or bad of this is the remaining question for which we have had insufficient time to see, survey and accurately test the results.

All of the above speaks to me of tyranny. This is not the constitutional republic or its operations that I pledged my allegiance to on entering the military. My term of duty to and for our country has ended decades ago. But near as I know, nothing on out-processing from the military ever released me from my oath to protect and defend the Constitution nor to surrender my duty to protect and defend the People of the United States of America. Both are to be protected from enemies both foreign and domestic. Worse still, perhaps, are those domestic enemies steered by our foreign enemies.

James Wilson is considered by many to be the father of American law and jurisprudence. He more gently set forth the following that I now remind us all of as we watch deliberation of law being over ridden in a rush to recreate our republic into a socialist nation under the cover of “social justice” which is just to none and in the name of anti-racism which is racist to its core. Marcuse has his theories. These stand to the Left of even Karl Marx. If we do not push back with the force of law and faithfulness to God and the constitutional republican first principles of the founding of our nation, we will have Marcuse’s unsound principles as our operating theory of Federal governance and we will watch the demise of our government and economy as ‘equity’ strips from those who create the wealth, marginalizes our God given rights, and undermines everything our nation is. They seek to openly destroy our history, put us under the yoke of socialist induced serfdom and pretend that is for our own good.

It is this or we rise legally but firmly asserting our God given right to freedom and liberty. We are still the United States of America. We are still the land and home of the brave. Let us be just that – brave. Freedom and our constitutional republic are our God endowed rights only if we stand up with vigilance, united against those who would attempt to take this away



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Echoes of A Dolphin’s Life

Lights & Sirens - Mother & Child
Echoes of A Dolphin's Life
by Michael Doyle

Synchronized sleeping
From danger keeping
Half brained and one eyed
The pod keeps from being surprised

Following the secrets of mystery
A familiar echo explores the sea
As a whale's song is heard in the distance
And against curiosity, there is no resistance

Safety by numbers offer security
But the oceans offer so much to see
A mother's tone brings this echo home
No suitable dolphin should ever swim alone

Beauty it seems is in the eye of the beholder
As humpbacked rivals grow ever bolder
There in their majestic blue dance
Is the opportunity for whale-sized romance

While a dolphin babe presses on with echolocation
To hunt for food along the ocean floor's circulation
Razor fish hide just below the sandy floor
Until the hunger calls, impossible to ignore

(c) March 6, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Nitida Ridge -Riding Dolphins In A Cosmic Dream

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Thought For the Day: With the Exception Only of the Period of the Gold Standard, Practically All Governments of History Have Used Their Exclusive Power To Issue Money To Defraud and Plunder the People

“With the exception only of the period of the gold standard, practically all governments of history have used their exclusive power to issue money to defraud and plunder the people.” – Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992)

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First Principles: Slavery Is Such An Atrocious Debasement of Human Nature, That Its Very Extirpation, If Not Performed With Solicitous Care, May Sometimes Open A Source of Serious Evils

“Slavery is such an atrocious debasement of human nature, that its very extirpation, if not performed with solicitous care, may sometimes open a source of serious evils.” -Benjamin Franklin (1789)

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Thought For the Day: The Laws, and Not the Caprice Or Whim of Those In Government, Ought To Restrict the Actions of the Government. The Primacy of the Rule of Law Is Clear Throughout the Declaration…”

“(T)he laws, and not the caprice or whim of those in government, ought to restrict the actions of the government. The primacy of the rule of law is clear throughout the Declaration, but the first grievance gives us a clear articulation of a separation of powers as being essential to—if not an assumed trait of—legitimate government.” – Dr. Kyle Scott

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First Principles: Wherever Law Ends, Tyranny Begins

“The difference betwixt a king and a tyrant to consist only in this, that one makes the laws the bounds of his power, and the good of the public, the end of government; the other makes all give way to his own will and appetite…Where-ever law ends, tyranny begins.” – John Locke

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The Not So Cooked Goose of Dr. Seuss

Planet by Cica Ghost -  A Gossip of Seussians
The Not So Cooked Goose of Dr. Seuss
by Michael Doyle

This is not what it means to be woke
Something inside must be truly broke
These sinister snowflakes in reactivity
Seek to search and destroy all creativity

For generations we have lived and learned
From lessons taught and then discerned
To these cringers if you offer a different voice
They loudly assert that they’ve made your choice

There will be no more freedom of thought and speech
These things take courage and are so far out of reach
To those who need to live in vacuum of safe zones
And are incapable of leaving each to their own

This is not the way of a brave and free society
But the way of those lost within their anxiety
They have no sense of real justice or propriety
Only a need to make what’s right a thing of notoriety

As for myself, I will take my freedom or my death
And defend God, truth and liberty to my last breath
As the founders of our dear country did before me
I will live for true justice and belief in real dignity

(c) March 3, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Dreamers at Berg by Nordan Art -Things One And Two Hold Hands In the Rain

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Thought For the Day: Concentrated Power Is Not Rendered Harmless By the Good Intentions of Those Who Create It

“Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.” – Milton Friedman (1912-2006)

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First Principles: The Great Principles of Right and Wrong Are Legible To Every Reader; To Pursue Them Requires Not the Aid of Many Counselors

“The great principles of right and wrong are legible to every reader; to pursue them requires not the aid of many counselors.” – Thomas Jefferson (1775)

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First Principles: We Should Be Unfaithful To Ourselves If We Should Ever Lose Sight of the Danger To Our Liberties If Anything Partial Or Extraneous Should Infect the Purity of Our Free…Elections

“We should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections.” – John Adams (1797)

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