Poem For the Healing

Footprints In the Sand - A Prayer Unspoken

Poem For the Healing
by Michael Romani

Looking from a distance for clarity
I offer this prayer in all sincerity
That whatever troubles bind you
Are not enough to ever blind you
That resting inside God's healing hand
Is the best place to make your stand

I pray that your healing might grow
That you feel the peacefulness flow
And maybe that you might know
The love of God is not just for show
But to bring to you all good things
That healing angels might just bring

May your healers bring you less pain
Strengthening you against the strain
That the love of many be a guiding light
That our prayers might somehow make this right
I don't know what it is that exactly ails you
But these are our wishes wished to be true

I pray that your family be all around
That their love will be what surrounds
And that our thoughts be closer than far
As our hearts gather around where you are
You are loved and cared for by the many
Having been encouraged by you more than any

We lift up our voices making many as one
That your troubles be lessened and then done
We sing your praises to the Aeolian wind
You who we know and love as our dear friend
May your healing come full and complete
That is, as one, our prayed for healing feat

(c) May 19, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA6:   The Colours of Loss & Healing -Moasic of the Bleeding Rainbow




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Thought For the Day: Forget the Days, Remember the Moments

“People forget years and remember moments.” – Ann Beattie, novelist (b. 8 Sep 1947)




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First Principles: The Fairest Fruit of Liberty Are the Security of the Rule of Law and Our Rights

What is the fairest fruit of the English Tree of Liberty? The security of our rights and of the law, and that no man shall be brought to trial where there is a prejudice against him. – Thomas Erskine (1750-1823)





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Lexicon Tom

Split Screen Installation - Downpour of Words Just Waiting To Form

Lexicon Tom
by Michael Romani

In a world of slang and sociability
There are few who have had the capability
To coin the words and phrases in their times
Doing so without seeming linguistic crimes
Thomas Wolfe while not being William Shakespeare
In our modern times, came quite near

Verbal pyrotechnics blazed across his pages
As Willy's came across on Elizabethan stages
In the technicolor of punctuated prose
He created a new journalism of contrarian flows
As he neo-pretentiously dove into wry response
Painting the portraits of modern day once-upons

Shotgun baroque edging into machine gun rococo
His pitiless eyes spied the modern fairytales on the go-go
Able to do more with words than most others
He used these to tell our stories to our sisters and brothers
In a shadier bonfire of vanities turning into a beast
As the factual concerns of modern life are revealed the least

His final days spent in that uncomfortable possibility
That a modern life offers little depth despite complexity
Talked about as the man in full and surveys today's reality
In grave bit of right stuff measuring immateriality
Like a man from Mars he goes where he wishes to go
We will all soon enough learn that we too shall follow

(c) May 19, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL 13 Stupendous Stage -  A Passion For Words



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WordPress – #Daily Prompt – Complications

Time and health are  respecters of no human

It’s a constant of change for each man and woman

In today’s world we face a frightful implication

That our choices have led to diabetic complications

It’s the epidemic of our times they often say

But even if opinions seem to change day to day

There are some thoughts worth the while

To keep us all healthy and in full smile

Softly spoken as a kind word to the wise

If you want to live better, exercise

It’s all about living for the best quality

Making better decisions for you and me

Watching what you put into your mouth

Is the surest way to remove any doubt


Team Diabetes  - Be Aware



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WordPress – #Daily Prompt – Premature

I laughed with a shake of my head

Never count me out as done or dead

I smiled my quiet denouncement

At the premature announcement

And she sought to find me unfit

As a father, unworthy of even a bit

Of time with my daughters

While I clung to being their father

Living the nightmare, one day at a time

Wondering how it wasn’t a crime

To say that even a dying man

Doesn’t deserve to do what he can

To be his very best as a father

And love very deeply each of his daughters


The Haunted Mansion - Premature Announcement



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First Principles: The Republican Form of Government Is the Only Form of Government Not At War With the Rights of Man

“The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”  – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to William Hunter, 1790



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Aloha Promises Forever Salutes National Police Week

These folks put themselves on the line for us every second of every day of their careers for us.  To many of them fall in the line of duty.  It seems the least we can do to show them a little respect and honor.


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Thought For the Day: Socialism Only Works Until You Run Out of Other People’s Money

“Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher




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The Fish Are Dying

Bacon of Hope - Cypress Pool Party

The Fish Are Dying
by Michael Romani

The fish are dying!!
        The fish are dying!!
I hear environmentalists crying

The fish are all dying
   And they are not lying

But, did you know ...
       It's all due to the hippo?

Downriver, environmentalists confide
It's all due to the pesticides
   After all, that's what was taught
Instead of seeking truth as they ought

The party line is bought as sold
And as it's always been told
    So the dogma must be right
But what... has science brought to light?

The fish are dying!!
         The fish are dying!!
I hear environmentalists crying

Four thousand hippos exceeds capacity
The result is as it has to be
That when seeking truth in dedication
Four thousand hippos leads to a lot of defecation

In search of truth, there are queries
That lead to finding chemical grotesqueries
The fish are left starving for oxygen
With die offs recurring again and again

Flushing flows cleanse the hippo pools
Perhaps this should be taught in the schools
And unskilled minds setting just downstream
Only see a false nightmare as their dreams

And so... in all the wisdom of man
The decision is made to make changes we can
Not to reduce the overloaded capacity
But to flaunt man's unwise ill thought out ability

       ... To change the flow of rivers...

            ... I sadly predict complete and utter tragedy...

(c) May 17, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Bacon of Hope - Hippo-Tyzed Moment






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