In Memoriam: Armed Forces Day 2019

Aloha Promises Forever is remiss in recognizing the men and women who serve both around the world protecting and serving us and those on the home front taking care of all the domestic things that are so very important in the support of those in the Armed Forces.  This should have been posted on 05/18/2019, my humblest of apologies that it was not.

Thank you all for your service!!







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Here Am I

The Church is the people.  There is nothing Biblical in the belief that approaching God requires the intercession of any other than Jesus and certainly not priests.  If the Catholic church is going to rise from its present decline, it will need to rethink it’s approach to the people sitting in the pews.

Tudor Rose -  Cathedral II

Here Am I
by Michael Romani

Many a priest seated in a monastery 
Has sat silent clinging to the mystery
The future comes forward invisibly
But it does so within complete certainty
There are those who separate themselves as "Holy"
Yet, are void in morals and usurpers of piety

Hierarchical power is not the church's authority
It is the people of God who are its body
Blaming the cracks in the now shredded veil
On anyone but those charges approaches the surreal
It is not a single generation's moral laxity
That is responsible for the Church's lack of dignity

Nor does that generation's unheavenly sway
Have but little to do with so many walking away
Clingers to power shore up in self-protection
Thinking their sins avoid God's all seeing detection
Or, that it might be restored by a world hating remnant
Not realizing that doing so makes them globally irrelevant

No predator priests will rip faith from me
But, instead like Luther, I rebel against the monopoly
The sacred heart of our faith is not in hierarchy 
It is in the living soul that is the laity
It has always come down to the corruption of power
And how it raises it's head again in this hour

There is a need for anticlericalism's determination
Internally reforming or to risk faith's extermination
The record is clear that when shepherds hurt the flock
It is to step back and allow restoration of the Rock
This then is a universal declaration of a necessary war
In which protection for everyone pushes for more

Sitting in the back pews in conscientious persistence
The truly faithful will prevail in their resistance
Sacramental in their intentional works of mercy
Who might dare to call them or three gathered as heresy
We arise to cleanse and purify the altars of the temple
Returning back to the Book to keep it true and simple

(c) May 20, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Lutz City of Templemore - Some Things Don't Require A Tether To Be Trusted....





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First Principles: There Has Never Been A Bad Peace or A Good War

“There never was a good war or a bad peace.” – Benjamin Franklin, Letter to Josiah Quincy, September 11, 1783

… but there have been necessary wars nonetheless (me and nearly every other active duty member and Veteran out there)…..




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Thought For the Day: Life Becomes Simpler Without Mirrors

“How simple life becomes when things like mirrors are forgotten.” – Daphne du Maurier, novelist (13 May 1907-1989)



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Even To This Day

Based in part on a life lived between worlds and still finding hope and dreaming dreams…

Bryn Oh's The Standby - Alone and Crying In the Rain

Even To This Day
by Michael Romani

It was a dark night
The darkest night
And you were crying
And I was crying
And it was raining
Like the whole world was crying
Not to sound as if complaining
But, I would be lying
If I didn't say
That every day feels like I'm dying
Even to this day

I know that I should have listened
AS the rain poured down and glistened
I know that I wish I had found my voice
And that I had felt as if I had a choice
Though I always live as though free willed
That night I felt totally compelled
By loans and mortgages to be paid
I know that I should have stayed
But I didn't, I would push on through
Because a man has to do what a man must do
But, if I had stayed and a different hand given
I would not be on my knees wishing to be forgiven

Here I kneel as if lost in madness
Swept under and overwhelmed by sadness
They say the smoke killed her first
But thoughts of the flames drives my thirst
A thirst never quenched by bottle's end
With each new bottle seeming as a new friend
I pray to God for mercy or this to end
Never sure which would be better and depend
On your eyes to see in your kindness
Having drunk myself half to blindness
Sometimes you cannot change things that come
So, I feel better off drunk until numb

Everyday I look deep into my dark box
Chained within my soul by these locks
Wishing that I might be some kind of better man
Seeking after some way to understand
But as I look into the depths of my soul
I only see a man who has lost control
That is to say without you here by me
Holding out your hand with thoughts so holy
How is it, Lord, that no matter where I've gone
You still offer your cross for me to lean on
No matter how far or wide that I've been driven
It's by your love that I am still forgiven

(c) May 19, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Indianapolis Skyscape From the Canal Zone




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Thought For the Day: Kindness and Love Are the Sum of My Philosophy

“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” – Dalai Lama




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First Principles: The Right of the People To Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed

“The right of the people to keep and bear…arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.” – James Madison




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Sentiment In Journey

I was talking with Moon and watching a movie the other night when this floated into my head and from my pen onto a scrap of paper:

Long Journey Cafe - Surf Bug Motel

Sentiment In Journey
by Michael Romani

In fellowship we find our company
There in that extended fringe we call family
Thrown back gin helps see to our recovery
It's that remembrance of our fresh discovery

Of all the many things we've forgotten
In all of our adventures misbegotten
Lost up in semi-mystical words on a page
Borne as they are in our great age

Manners form their own society
Concerned for all the others in our propriety
As we find our secret freedoms
And candles light the passage to our kingdom

In mental discomfort, we find our connections
Finding our way out past misdirection
In all of these things so completely literary
We wind up our legendary itinerary

Traveling the near in going oh so far
Seeking our truth in following our star
The best deeds are sealed with a kiss
For without that kiss, God only know what we would miss...

(c) May 18, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL Birthday Bash - Beguile - Let the Journey Beign





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Thought For the Day: Most Creativity Is A Change From One Context To Another

“Most creativity is a transition from one context into another where things are more surprising. There’s an element of surprise, and especially in science, there is often laughter that goes along with the ‘Aha’. Art also has this element. Our job is to remind us that there are more contexts than the one that we’re in — the one that we think is reality.” – Alan Kay, computer scientist (b. 17 May 1940)




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First Principles: Political Freedom Includes In It Every Other Blessing

“Political freedom includes in it every other blessing. All the pleasures of riches, science, virtue, and even religion itself derive their value from liberty alone. No wonder therefore wise and prudent legislators have in all ages been held in such great veneration; and no wonder too those illustrious souls who have employed their pens and sacrificed their lives in defense of liberty have met with such universal applause. Their reputations, like some majestic river which enlarges and widens as it approaches its parent ocean, shall become greater and greater through every age and outlive the ruins of the world itself.” – Benjamin Rush, to Catharine Macaulay, January 18, 1769




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