The Truth Be Told

Truth is maybe the most valuable commodity.  Perhaps I’m dwelling on this concept too much lately?  I think not.

Grumble - Truth or Dare

The Truth Be Told
by Michael Romani

In all the things that life has showed
There is one truth that must be told
That there is a right and a wrong
At least, in any world where I belong

Maybe this feels like a lost cause
Maybe sometimes, this gives me pause
Still, I find that I struggle on
In the hope that not all hope is gone

There are questions that linger
Facts that I cannot quite finger
There are answers that I need to know
And truthfully, I have no place left to go

I do my best to stay on task
With so many questions left to ask
In the way that my life has flowed
There is one truth that must be told

Is it some kind of confusion of romance
To try to believe in some sort of chance
I sit and stare at walls with saddened smile
Knowing that there are some things I'll never reconcile

To try to be the man that I should be
And would be if I could, I really should be
Unafraid to make my last stand in meaning
Reaching out for the unreachable with all my being

The right and wrong in all that I feel and think
Brooding moods that bring me again to the brink
Like a mime holding in my words of right and wrong
I have begun to wonder if this is world to which I belong

(c) July 17, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

That Moment Of Truth





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Daily Prompt – Index

She asked me to index the reasons why

Clear evidence for God seems in short supply

But she should believe in Him anyhow

And though patient, she wanted these reasons now

She told me of her friend who was her teacher

Looking at me askew like I might be a preacher

And I had to smile because she sought truth

Much as I had earlier in my golden days of youth

I asked where she thought and what she thought she’d see

As you undraped the curtain back from the mystery

As she walked and quietly picked up a blossoming flower

Holding it up as proof of God’s beauty and sacred power

Plucking her guitar strings, she sang of things like love

And asked me if that wasn’t proof enough of God above


House of Prayer - Listening In





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First Principles: Neutrality Is Only Respected Through Strength

“The rights of neutrality will only be respected when they are defended by an adequate power. A nation, despicable by its weakness, forfeits even the privilege of being neutral.”  – Alexander Hamilton (1787)







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Thought For the Day: Never Look Down On Anyone Unless You Are Helping Them Up

“Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up”– Jesse Jackson




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Daily Prompt – Kinetic

Scenes like jazz paint musical colors in shades of blues

Most of them dynamic and throbbing in kinetic hues

Creative notes are strung together in memorable proclamation

Breathing in to breath out in life’s heightened exclamation

The music rains fire with spirits soaring all night long

As kindred souls come to together joined in holy song

Dissonant tone clusters offered up in rhythmic strides

Swell into the night’s air with a certain sense of pride

Emotions multiply into some like one hundred fold

As new revelations are shared in tales many times told

It’s an artistic grappling that pours out like a life’s blood

Seeking a sense of clarity and instead of stick in the mud

It’s a powerful affair filled with hapless emotional turmoil

Caught on a summer’s night as passions start to broil…


Immaterial - Kinetic Hues









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Walking Our Holiness

Based in part on Luke 6:47-48

In His Name - St Luke's - Just a Peek

Walking Our Holiness
by Michael Romani

It's there in our very firm decision
That we are here for our holy mission
Coming before the Lord as we are
Correcting our path by that North Star

Seeking out so very earnestly
To walk steadfast and righteously
All of us walking by Jesus' commands
To the very best that we understand

The prophets spoke and foretold
As Jesus then lived and by exampled showed
How it is that we must walk and live
As the Breath of God loves and gives

The Old Testament is truth revealed
The New Testament is truth fulfilled
In these we find the path of abundance
Set out before us in all of it's relevance

Setting out sights on all we must know
To bring out His light into the world's shadow
Shining bright like lanterns on the hill
Following not our own will but God's will

Taking these lessons, we lead in our service
Knowing that we do not really deserve this
But taking His grace and showing His face
Through our own in our every living place

Holiness will guide us in how we shall live
As by example, we love and we give
All that we have and all that we do
Following the small path of faith keeping true

All of this is taught through the parables
Of which Jesus shared as He was capable
Tales that reveal truth to lend clarity
In what it means to live in sincerity

Students of the Gospel in expectation
Have certain lessons without exception
Caught up in and intrigued in meditation
All of the righteousness of contemplation

Thinking on and then walking in His grace
Each of us followers reflecting His face
Aha moments lived in fullest measure
Each of the teachings offered as treasure

All of this challenging us to further look
With a turn of the pages of His Holy Book
Each of the lessons, bear oft repeating
All of this a process in our completing

Each look revealing something we need
So much to learn every time we read
The reflections offered are an impression
Each time rendered in needed expression

Practicing what it is that we teach
In so doing, we lovingly extend our reach
Moving from our comfort zone into our soul
Taking to the battle as such is our role

Standing firm against the flood waters
Despite the challenges that make us totter
We live our lives faithfully in this truth
Standing strong against all reproof

(c) July 15, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

In His Name - St Luke's - Under a Salmon Sky

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First Principles: Pursue Your Principles To Your Death

“I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” – Thomas Paine (1776)




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Thought For the Day: The Longest Day Must Have Its Close

“The longest day must have its close — the gloomiest night will wear on to a morning. An eternal, inexorable lapse of moments is ever hurrying the day of the evil to an eternal night, and the night of the just to an eternal day.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionist and novelist (14 Jun 1811-1896)




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First Principles: The More Powerful the Federal Government Grows, the Weaker the State Governments Become

“[W]hen all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Charles Hammond, 1821





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Thought For the Day: A Moment Lasts All of A Second, But, the Memory Lives On Forever

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.” – Anonymous



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