All life began from one cell.  Sometimes cells mutate in less than desirable ways.

Visual Jazz  - Chambered Cell

by Michael Romani

A cell
Four and a half billon years ago
A cell
Divided into two
Then as though compelled
And having nowhere else to go
Those two cells became four as cells do
And so on and so on
Four and a half billion years of once upon
All life came from one
And will never be done
On and on life grows
And so it shows
All land life
All sea life
All life
From a single cell
But some cells get it wrong
Mutating into something
A something that doesn't belong
And maybe neither do I any longer
I have to be stronger
I will fight with all I am
I did not say hello
Just to say goodbye
And she knows
As she quietly sighs
Life is filled with irony
I will not let death claim me
Not now
One cell
Becomes two
It's a hard sell
But now that two
Has become one
I refuse to be undone
We are one
One together
And in that unified one
We are stronger and better
I will live
Because I live to love her
(c) November 12, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Meadow Rose Glen - Evening Settles In



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In the Valley of the Wolf

Based on the reintroduction of wolves into some select wilderness areas:

Peace Nation  - Gray Wolf Under A Purple Night Moon

In the Valley of the Wolf
by Michael Romani

In a mixed experiment
Between purpose and accident
There is a blend
On which side it might depend
One side, fear and mythology
One part, a dream of biology
The wolves were allowed freedom
In places where people had seldom seen 'em
For a time span of generations
Despite a feeling of veneration
For these mystical beasts of dreams
There was a feeling of awe and fear under moon beams
Canis lupus are often seen as solitary
But, actually are quite social to the contrary

The family pack gathers at their riparian home
Where at the calm center they are not alone
Faces turned toward sky they sing
Resonant in harmony, content with what they bring
Each knowing their reason of place
In the hierarchy of the pack's space
The howling tapers off to where it began
In all the moonlit paths they had ran
The chorus shows its personality
As the valley echoes in its harmony
The alpha's voice raises above the chatter
Reassuring the pack of how each member matters
Creatures of the cold, emerging from shadow
Touching noses, pressing shoulders each knows

As they circle each other in meeting
Each genuflecting in diffident greeting
Stolen moments on this winter's day
Wisps of clouds blow the stars into play
Blue brings in this frigid night
Here in the clearing, all is right
Knowing each other at the edge of secrecy
Gathered together in assembly and as family
Coming together for reasons known only to them
These children of the night and of discipline
Thiers is a sacred privilege to become witness
The spiritual embodiment of lost connections
Here in bring these wolves to ancestral home
We humans finally recognize that we are not alone

(c) November 12, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Girl Who Cried Wolf by Cica Ghost  - Birds In Flight








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First Principles: Peace Is Better Than War; War Is Better than Tribute

“It is a principle incorporated into the settled policy of America, that as peace is better than war, war is better than tribute.” – James Madison (1816)




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Thought For the Day: Don’t Worry About People Who Don’t Love You; Spend Your Time Loving Those Who Do

“I don’t have time to worry about who doesn’t like me … I’m too busy loving the people who love me.”  – Snoopy




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Thought For the Day: Duty, Honor, Country, Service and Sacrifice Are the Hallmarks of Veterans

“My estimate of him was formed on the battlefields many, many years ago, and has never changed. I regarded him then, as I regard him now, as one of the world’s noblest figures; not only as one of the finest military characters, but also as one of the most stainless. His name and fame are the birthright of every American citizen. In his youth and strength, his love and loyalty, he gave all that mortality can give. He needs no eulogy from me, or from any other man. He has written his own history and written it in red on his enemy’s breast. But when I think of his patience under adversity, of his courage under fire, and of his modesty in victory, I am filled with an emotion of admiration I cannot put into words. He belongs to history as furnishing one of the greatest examples of successful patriotism. He belongs to posterity as the instructor of future generations in the principles of liberty and freedom. He belongs to the present, to us, by his virtues and by his achievements. … Duty, honor, country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn.” – Douglas MacArthur




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First Principles: A Debt of Gratitude Is Owed To All Veterans and Their Families, Especially Wives

“Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say, ‘What should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ … If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” – Samuel Adams (1777)




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In Remembrance of Veterans Day

From one Veteran and his lady to all other Veterans and active duty members and the wives who served and continue serve on the home-front,  we wish you each the very best of Veteran’s Days and thank you all for your service!




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Top Violinists In Popular Music

The following is a compilation I put together of 100 of the top and most popular violinists in popular music through the 20th and 21st Centuries.  This compilation represents a broad cross section of talent that has presented itself in many genres from rock to jazz to blues to country to folk to Cajun and other categories as well including classical crossover.

It is by no means complete.  But, it is something that I put together for Tiggy’s enjoyment and for education and edification of my two daughters.  I believe others here might find this a great resource to draw from as well.  Because of this, I am sharing it here as a sort of Veteran’s Day present from their favorite veteran to them and to the world at large:




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American Lion: Speaker of Truth

Frederick Douglass was a Republican.   I love when I read the Left try to work its way around that with lies and pretense and then try to make the case anything but than it was.  The Republicans formed in part to free the slave in America and fought the Civil War against the Democrats and then passed all three Civil Rights acts the first two against the ardent opposition of the Democratic Party.  Since my childhood, Douglass has been a hero of mine.  This poem is about him and written in reaction to a piece filled with half truths in a markedly Leftist magazine that I read to get the opposition’s view points to my own.

Fairy Tales Castle -The Truth Shall Set You Free

American Lion: Speaker of Truth
by Michael Romani

An American lion of confidence
Blessed believer in Providence
Frederick Douglass was never a mystery
In my study of American history

From the earliest days of my youth
His name stood out as a speaker of truth
Un-wielding against hollow mockery
A true voice on behalf of liberty

As he demanded an equality
For all of the voices of humanity
Woe be to the Confederated Democrats
Who scurry in darkness like dirty rats

Trying to hide the roots of Jim Crow
Counting on ignorance in that the people might not know
That it was the Democrats who fought for chains
Though now they masquerade as proponents of change

Ever and always a prophet of freedom
An undisguised Douglass has no place in a Marxist museum
Nor in the politics of identity division
Though some pose this truth as subject to derision

Douglass was and is a hero for all Americans
Such was the craftwork of freedom in his hands
Matters of patriotism are often tales of gore
Filled with a thousand nuances and often more

Strangely, the Left ignores hundreds of bits of history
To express how what did happen was some sort of mystery
And as though it wasn't what the Republicans that did
What the Democrats now wish was well hid

Then there's how Douglass held principles before color
The Marxists eerily abhor this and holler
Why would a black man support a right minded white man
Over a wrong minded black man; perhaps because he's American?

To judge not on merit but on color of skin
Should be in this nation seen as an almost mortal sin
This is the path toward the truest equality
Not the demand of reverse racial fealty

May we all so embrace these sorts of "contradictions"
May we all be as comfortable with our life's tensions
Most of all, may be become and be that we 
Like him, be lifetime proponents of life and liberty

(c) November 10, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Path To Freedom -For Whom This Bell Has Tolled






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Shadows Played Revisited

Not knowing what a person is actually facing down can sometimes seem more intense than actually knowing the battle ahead.  When I started off this morning, I thought I would know what is going on.  I had not realized it being a three day weekend that that was an unreasonable thought on my part.

All I can say at present with any certainty is that choices A and B both kind of really byte.  So, I’m going to say the only near intelligent thing I can at this time.  If you’re the praying kind, please keep me in your prayers for peace and calmness.  If this ends horribly, please keep Tiggy and my two little girls in your prayers always.

Meadow Rose Glen - Charmed By Your Dreams

Shadows Played Revisited
by Michael Romani

It's interesting how shadows
Are always more scary
Than what we know 
Today, I find it no differently

Dreading to find this out
Heart filled with its doubt
Wishing there was something different
Something to make me feel confident

To know which path I'm walking
To have something beyond mere talking
Do I have time enough to spare
Or, just long enough to say I care

To all the hearts and souls
I've known along the way
Each person who has played their role
In making me who I am today

All who have prepared me
All of those who have loved me
To each of you, I give my gratitude
Did you really expect a different attitude?

At least I lived to see the first snow
Sitting here now watching it blow
Blow by so spare and so lightly 
Watching an older lady smile brightly

It doesn't matter the moments
But how we've lived them 
To believe otherwise brings torments
I'd rather live each moment with vim

It's the how of telling my new love
That I may  soon be watching her from above
But, while I'm here, I will do my best
To have the mettle to pass this test

That I will fight hard to survive
Taking from her example how to stay alive
And that while I'll never be so clever
I do promise my love to her forever

(c) November 10, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Soul2Soul Highlands - Morning in the Highlands Too




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