Twelve Hands of Humility

In a spirit of gratitude toward all the good that surrounds my life with grace, poem #8 for this season:

Enchanted Alice - The Madness Returns -The Enchanting Chime of Time

Twelve Hands of Humility
by Michael Romani

There are 12 hands on the clock of humility
Each having its own meaning and necessity


Finding ourselves, others and God in openness
And through this inviting opportunities for bliss
Each act and experience having a lesson to learn
Even if different than we might hope to discern


Though we find heaven and earth infinitely apart
The wished upon truth is as close as our very heart
We sometimes find the answer in our not knowing
To accept this is often the very first step in growing


Although some may find such concepts eccentricity
The best doors are opened with our best curiosity
Let us approach all with the utmost of integrity
And in so doing seek after and cultivate authenticity


There in the innocence we find our truest perception
Lending more toward right mindedness than misconception
Finding that all that is godliness is that which is good
That is to say when reality is best understood


The child within us sings loving songs of innocence 
Seeking our Father's house in each and every experience
Learning that love is the only way to ever know another
Because as members of God's family we are sisters and brothers


In this realization we find the need for great spontaneity
Living each moment in the moment of now and with creativity
We walk this path instead of hanging on to our unhappy ego
Finding the rarity of peace is accepted in letting go


Our right relationship with God is in spirituality
In our own time and in our own creative spontaneity
In giving up all those things which cause resistance
We take the first steps on the journey without distance


Surrendering to this journey, we grow in tolerance
Respecting the beliefs and ways of others with forbearance
Choosing to stop being pushed by our suffering pain
Instead pulled by our spiritual vision's subtle refrain


Of all the lessons hardest perhaps to attain
Is that of patience and all that such patience gains
Demanding all we wish for in the now with our ego
Instead of releasing this in prayer into God's flow


In the integrity of this wholeness, we find humility
Consisting of non-conflict in our actions as integrity
All of this becomes clearer as we seek after right seeing
And find ourselves closer to becoming humans being


In all of this truly seeing and becoming a human being
We find detachment and surrender to be most truly freeing
As we void the pain attachments through our integrity
We find our way to right attitudes and moral clarity


Loving and letting go are our path to God mindedness
Where our every essence becomes one of loving kindness
Surrendering our traumas and troubles in our letting go
We have finally arrived into the necessity of God's flow

There are 12 hands on the clock of humility
Each having their own meaning and necessity
Through these we restore our innocence and dignity
Walking this path with love, honor and integrity

(c) November 8, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Build - To Share A View Seen




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Thought For the Day: The Reading of All Good Books Is Like A Conversation With the Finest Minds of Past Centuries

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.” – Rene Descartes



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First Principles: History Is A Book With Many Pages Filled With Acts of Hopefulness and Meaning

“But I see history as a book with many pages–and each day we fill a page with acts of hopefulness and meaning.” – George H. W. Bush



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From the Canyon’s Heart

A poem of gratitude #7.  This one is from a sense of gratitude toward the music that came to life from the Laurel Canyon scene.  I think that though I leaned toward progressive hard rock in my music, my lyrical sensibility was at least deeply influenced by songs like Back Pages  by Bob Dylan as recreated in the Byrds cover and other such moments that had profound effect on my feelings about how a song might best be crafted.  That’s not to say that I ever achieved the equivalent.  Only that I wish that I had. 😉

Last Dove - A Moment of Heart To Heart

From the Canyon's Heart
by Michael Romani

It's a Rickenbacker, showstopper
Canyon sunset in reddish copper
As the music wafts across the bay
Gorgeous finger shifts in every way

Who will make tomorrow
Saying goodbye to sorrow
In an echoed canyon melody
Sung along to in three part harmony

Step on up to the microphone
As we make the summers our very own
Santa Monica Mountains elasticity
Pushing aside the Hollywood plasticity

These were joyous times
Filled with speakeasy rhymes
Folk rock strums on an Orpheum lyre
Golden tones borne to soul inspire

Passed on from generation to generation
Waded in waist deep in reverberation
Feelings like these are never really gone
The harmonies come around to play on and on

(c) November 7, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Quiet After Evening  - Flared Canyon




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Thought For the Day: Beauty Is Not In the Face; Beauty Is A Light In the Heart

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” – Khalil Gibran



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First Principles: Either We Control the Government, Or, the Government Controls Us

“Either you will control your government, or government will control you.” – Ronald Reagan



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Standard of Gold

There are a lot of reasons to have gratitude toward things learned and passed on through the generations and a lot to be learned and then go on to grow into our own future.  This is a sixth poem in gratitude.

Existence In Balance  - - Love Above the Word

Standard of Gold
by Michael Romani

The hour has grown quiet somehow
As I hang my head humbler now
Thinking back on things I have learned
Some in lessons to be discerned

Once I wore a younger man's clothes
Now I have lived through life's blows
But in each moment that I have walked
I have been blessed as I've talked

Learning things from all of those around
Keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground
But always finding my hands reaching for stars
Daring to dream even when dreaming too far

Time and again I find myself amidst rededication
Having seen that it's time in its indication
Always supplanting selfishness for the good
At least as I best find this and have understood

Staring now on a late Autumn's flowing fountain
I still find I have the faith to move mountains
Even in an uneasy era of troubles and transition
I have found the stability to keep on my mission

That mission of being a good father as best I can
And doing my best to be on point as a decent man
So many questions and roads are tripped in complexity
I find myself seeking to address only those of necessity

When I was younger, I often felt the will to build
A nation of truth based on the Word as a sword I would wield
Now I find that a strong man learns to be restrained
Considerate of others and by doing this there is much gained

Instead of blustering and boasting in turbulent insecurity
More often there is much to be said by simply providing harmony
My faith demands that in all ways I try to be the difference
Now peacefully done this is the path of my greatest preference

(c) November 6, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Authors Point - Oak Under An Autumn Moon




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Thought For the Day: Achieve Goals You’ve Never Achieved Before By Doing Things You’ve Never Done Before

“To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you need to start doing things you’ve never done before.” – Stephen Covey




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First Principles: We Must Adjust To Changing Times and Still Hold To Unchanging Principles

“We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.” – Jimmy Carter



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Thoughts On Kindness

In a world where so much can be had, perhaps the one thing we might best give to others and ourselves is intentional kindnesses.

Rocks by Cica Ghost -It Always Comes Down To the Same Ole Question

Thoughts On Kindness
by Michael Romani

With loving thoughts and gratitude
I embrace the world with the attitude
That in seeking a new destination
It is best to first put aside frustration

Embracing my intention to create harmony
Growing in my understanding as one of God's family
As I look on intention's seven faces
And am reminded of loved ones and beloved places

Walking this path seamlessly never ending
Intent on my creativity's intentional unbending
It is time that I give and allow to form
In making each creative step my new norm

Manifested in this kindly time and hour
It's in giving that we find our greatest power
Being kind to myself and to all others
I have found that all of life are my sisters and brothers

As with the serene Heaven of my God above
I am learning to become and be one with love
Walking deep in the sacred sense of cooperation
I have put aside the need for unreasonable competition

Learning that love is the force behind God's will
It's a spiritual vibration meant to divinely fill
Softly spoken in the essence of divine intervention
Watching as the formless becomes a concrete expression

Awakening to the godly and goodly nature of beauty
In that the goodness felt rises above any sense of duty
Everything seen, touched and in my limited experience
Is an aspect of God's force to be held in deference

Where God is truth and truth is God, good in every way
Sometimes the still silence is enough to say
Ever expansive in our increasingly knowing
We join with the universal mind and become ever growing

The endless abundance of this universe is its true spirit
To be what we are and hear and think bravely receiving it
When we reach this path of intention walked in worship
We find ourselves in the peace of finding right relationship

(c) November 15, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Rocks by Cica Ghost - Dancing Lamb




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