Remembrance of Holi

UWA - UTSA Art Collaboration - Circle of Floating Colors

Remembrance of Holi
by Michael Romani

In a festival of colors
It's a festival of love
In a swirling of dancers
It's all of the above

Frolicking in joyous celebration
As new growth is awaited
This is what is celebrated
In a burning of bonfires for initiation

Crowds throng the street
As good triumphs over evil
A ritual of belief since times primordial
May the arrows of Shiva be true and fleet

The heartbeat of Holi
Is swarmed by crowds around the shrine
Dancing in a jovial pantomime
All a part of the raucous festivity

Colored in abundance
As a nationwide birthday party
Suitable for a godly romance
As new forgiveness is offered heartily

There are no strangers here
Just one blended family
Joined in one smile to revere
Expressed as love lived so sincere

(c) October 20, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Infinite Drifters - Expect The Unexpected -  Confluence of Color



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WordPress – #Daily Prompt – Release

With a certain amount of unrestrained jubilance

I look out at her release of sun soaked radiance

Happy to be the man who gets to hold her hand

Happier still to be the one she says always understands

There is a beauty that goes deeper than eyes see

It is the sort of beauty that keeps us in our fidelity

Faithful to promises made as we continue to grow

Learning each others ways, planting seeds that we sow

Knowing that we fit together like yang and yin

Feeling somehow incomplete until together again

The trust is that of knowing that when we release

We can do so freely and completely at peace

Knowing that we already miss each other’s company

And knowing that this will always be..


Gates of Memories - Radiance Released

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First Principles: Love of Power Is Natural and Often Abused

“A fondness for power is implanted, in most men, and it is natural to abuse it, when acquired.” – Alexander Hamilton (1775)

I hasten to add that therein is the reason we have so carefully guarded against this human proclivity through our system of checks and balances.





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Thought For the Day: Language Is the Tie That Binds

“Language is not an abstract construction of the learned, or of dictionary makers, but is something arising out of the work, needs, ties, joys, affections, tastes, of long generations of humanity, and has its bases broad and low, close to the ground”. – Noah Webster, lexicographer (1758-1843)

Language belongs to the people.  It doesn’t belong to the linguistic experts.  Nor, confined in a book of words.  But in use in our everyday world.  There are ties that bind.  But, the one that binds the most is that which allows us to communicate our hearts, thoughts, dreams, concerns and even fears.

Sadly, I know myself to be a little snobbish on the use of words.  For a lifetime, I would not allow the use of the word contraction “ain’t” around me.  And I still tell my little girls that there are some words that I strongly prefer they don’t use.  Hmmmm wait that’s not being a snob.. that’s being a parent.  But, hopefully, you know what I mean, correct?








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Sonic Gems: U2 – The Joshua Tree

Even prior to the Us Festival appearance of U2, I was certain there was a special musical essence to this band.  Some of my harder rocking friends believed that I had lost my way on this one.  All these many years later, the legacy of U2 continues to span the generations.  Sometimes, it is nice to see that I made a correct assessment.

U2 is an Irish rock band formed in 1976 Dublin.  As most of us know, the group members are Bono on vocals, the Edge on guitar and keys, Adam Clayon on bass, and Larry Mullen, Jr., on drums and percussion.  This band is often seen as post punk, but, honestly?  I think this is the essence of the punk rock with a much higher level of musicianship than most punkers aspired to attain.  With Bono’s vocal stylings boldly making statements that speak to the hearts of multiple generations and the guitar texturing of the Edge, how could they miss?

The Joshua Tree is the fifth studio album and was produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.  It was released on March 9, 1987.  This harder hitting album has since then attained legendary reputation for its sociopolitical lyrics combined with spiritual imagery contrasting their perceptions of the real America versus the mythos of America.

The hope was to evoke a cinematic quality that sonically reproduced some semblance of the open spaces of the United States.  To further this aim, the sleeve photography depicts the landscape found in American deserts.

From this album came the hit singles, With Or Without YouI Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and Where the Streets Have No Name.  The album is unquestionably one of the world’s best selling albums.  Moreover, the US Library of Congress has deemed it culturally, historically or aesthetically significant and selected to preserve this album in the National Recording Registry.

This album is hands down rated a 10 out of 10 by Aloha Promises Forever.

You may listen to the entirety of  Joshua Tree here:

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Time Spent With the Harvard Classics: Essays By Leigh Hunt

James Henry Leigh Hunt was an English critic, essayist, poet and writer who lived from October 19, 1784 to August 28, 1859.   Hunt is unknown by his distinctive charm and perceptive judgments.  This was particularly true of his insights regarding his peers, Keats and Lord Tennyson.   You may read a selection of Leigh Hunt’s essays beginning at:

Alternatively, you may listen to an example of his essay style here:

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The Reach of Heaven

SL14B- Shambhala Sanctuary - Night Sailing Into Dreams

The Reach of Heaven
by Michael Romani

Of all these shapes
That form our hopes and fancy
There is the Kingdom of Heaven
Waiting on us lastly

An assessable empire of benevolence
Where love reigns supreme
And mankind puts aside violence
In favor of the ways of God

Gentle spirits come to inhabit
A resemblance of simplicity
In that confidence of hearts
No longer troubled by Satan's duplicity

There attained in its full growth
Sweeter than the fruits of imagination
Is that grasp of deepest discernment
And we are no longer shamed by our destination

(c) October 19, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Havenly Groove - Hooked On A Feeling




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WordPress – #Daily Prompt – Express

I use to dream of traveling by rail

Hoping to express myself into tale after tale

Looking out of my car’s little window

Finding words to help express and explore my soul

All of those little tales that I might find

As I left destination after destination behind

Each telling a little more of the story

About man’s quest for things like glory

Or nature’s simple way of showing beauty

I felt compelled like it was my duty

Hoping to show what we already truly know

That God is the artist who puts on the best show

Now it is that these were just school boy dreams

Instead, I weave my made up tapestry of  broken seams

Artic Express -  Ten Letters For Love of My Life?.... Ally Romani



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Thought For the Day: Science Is Not A Matter of Consensus

“In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” —Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

Does anyone remember when the Left was all about questioning authority?

Does anyone remember that science is best based on empirical observations and not speculative political driven choices of the worse possible outcomes?

Looks like maybe Dylan was right and the times were a-changing alright.

Maybe it’s more than time for a hard brake and a return to applying commonsense? This is true on a number of subjects not just the pending global ice age (1970s) that became global warming (1980s and 1990s) that became global climate change (as if the climate hasn’t been changing since the first day the earth came into existence.

A favorite saying in the Obama Administration was a coopting of a Saul Alinsky statement.  Never waste a crisis.  The Left has taken this notion and expounded it into if you don’t have a crisis invent one then manipulate it into the consciousness of the listening public.  It seems long ago that they forgot the purpose of news was allegedly to provide the most objective and fact driven information currently available and revise it as new facts came in.

Instead every means that reaches toward their ends is justifiable no matter how fallacious.   I suppose that’s perfect for Marxists, right?  After all, just a cursory examination of Marx himself leads to a highly documentable fact that he gave up belief in God to follow Satan – even writing poems and plays in Satan’s honor.  There’s a fact that you don’t see touted often, right?  But, on discovering that Marx worshipped the deceiver certainly made and makes a lot of sense.  I mean if you’re one who cares for facts and objective observation….



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First Principles: Charitable Assistance Is Best Given Locally

“It is a duty certainly to give our sparings to those who want; but to see also that they are faithfully distributed, and duly apportioned to the respective wants of those receivers. And why give through agents whom we know not, to persons whom we know not, and in countries from which we get no account, where we can do it at short hand, to objects under our eye, through agents we know, and to supply wants we see?” —Thomas Jefferson (1823)






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