Proactive Health Care: An Introduction

My purpose here is to get this ball rolling in way of a comprehensive introduction.  Afterward, it’s my hope that many of the health topics will be prepared by my resident expert and love of my life, Ally Romani.

I do not think we need to be on either side of the political divide in the United States to understand that the larger health care concern is not as much what happens when we are in ill health.  As an old adage states, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care.  It seems to me that this proposition holds true regardless of how you pay for that pound of care.


It also seems to me that it again comes down to something that my side of life nearly always touts – self responsibility.   What I mean in this case is that if we want good health and reasonable health care costs when something does go wrong, we must of necessity be proactive.  Not only must we be proactive but in doing so we must consider the overall whole health concerns faced by us as individuals.

It might be helpful to see your overall health as a sort of a concentric circle much like the ball I mentioned above.  Each of us, as individuals, are the core of our own ball.  Around us in concentric layers are those issues and concerns as well as solutions that are all interrelated and must be considered to have the most impact on your health and well-being.

Of the many blessings given to us by God, the miracle that is our body, soul and mind is one that in contemporary society is among the most overlooked.  Our care of these things have a direct impact and correlation of just what sort of a life we will lead and how we will live.  It is of paramount importance that we take care of these things. Our innate capabilities and capacities are either strengthened or weakened by the choices we make. It is best that we learn how to make the best and most optimal choice over those things we have influence over.

Using that illustration of being like a multi-layered ball, it might be useful to see things like a Venn diagram of sorts.  The inner most circle at the core is the you that consists of your values – those things that matter most to you. Immediately surrounding this essential core is, of course, those things that we do or do not do to maintain our optimal self-care.  These are inter-related to the core as well as those things outside the core.

The next level in this ball of overall whole health care might be seen as the professional care that we receive from others.  This includes things such as examinations, tests, medications, surgery, counseling, and other such care.

The outer layer is one that many of us fail to consider but is also integral to our overall health.  This is to maintain healthy connections with your surrounding community including the persons and groups to which it is vital to maintain our connections.  No person, or at least few persons, are islands.  Study after study shows our need for others including to put more of our focus on others rather than to be focused only or mostly on oneself.





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