World Oceans Day 2017

The Bumrose Club & Marina -Oceanic Ripples

This year, World Oceans Day is today, June 8, 2017.  But, when you’re a surfer like I grew up being the ocean is a central focus every day and for good reason.  It’s been my home away from home for most of my life.

The purpose behind today is to honor, protect, conserve and share about the value of oceans to our planet and to we human being who inhabit this world.  The very oxygen we breath is mostly derived from our waters.  The oceans feed us, regulate our climate, help to keep our water clean, and provide a wealth of healing medicines.  Our oceans inspire us by their beauty, the scope and breadth of their majesty and their amazing power.  On every level, it is hard to be less that truly and deeply inspired by the oceans.

Lick  - The Lost World - Sealed - Sealed With A Kiss of Rock

This year, is the first year that Aloha Promises Forever has had the opportunity to help celebrate World Oceans Day.  It seems only fitting that we do our part to help remind everyone of the things that we can reasonably do.  In line with this and keeping in step with a lifetime spent in, around and dedicated to the oceans, from this day forward, at least once a week, we are going to do our best to have at least one post dedicated to some aspect of the oceans, how we can help them be healthy, and to help learn about the beautiful creatures and plants found there from the lowliest plankton to the surfing culture to aquaculture and a myriad of other topics.

We hope that this will be an enjoyable learning experience and journey for everyone!

Mahalo for joining with us and Aloha for now!

Amandia - Sunset






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