Proactive Health: Establishing Your Core Principles I – Mindfulness

The Mill -  Windmill In My Mind Contrasted

As nearly always, I believe the best approach to mostly everything is to realize that while facts change as newer knowledge is learned, principles generally stay the same.  There’s good reason for that.  The principles are the core to everything.  Everyone of sound or mostly sound mind as the case may be in some instances is usually the leading authority on his or her self.  It is from this position that I state that it is up to each of us to decide our values and our fitness goals on multiple levels and then up to each of us to do what is needed or deal with the consequences.

Mindful Awareness:

The place to start from in our life’s journey of health and wholeness, is I believe best started from mindfulness.  I think it is a given in my case that I first started incorporating this in my life either from surfing; my involvement in martial arts from a very young age; or most likely some combination of both.

From these pursuits, I gained the understanding that it is best to most often be fully aware and paying attention to oneself and what is going on around us.  Many of us go through life in a state of continuous autopilot, never quite fully aware of the present but instead doing those things that have become almost second nature to us.

When we do try to be ‘mindful’, we often think about the past or day dream and plan about the future.  Each of these have their place.  Then again so does being aware of what is going on in our every moment – not judging, not trying to fix but being aware.  Awareness of the signals our minds and bodies send to us allows us to take adequate notice of what is truly going on with ourselves.

It is this mindfulness that allows us to hear the whispers  our minds and bodies give  By hearing, we can make the proactive choices needed.  For this reason, I say that being proactive on an whole level of health begins then with developing our mindfulness.

Next we will look at the eight areas of self care that mindfulness can open up to us.






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