Thought For the Day: To Be The Father of Growing Daughters Invokes Awe

“To be the father of growing daughters is to understand something of what Yeats evokes with his imperishable phrase ‘terrible beauty.’ Nothing can make one so happily exhilarated or so frightened: it’s a solid lesson in the limitations of self to realize that your heart is running around inside someone else’s body. It also makes me quite astonishingly calm at the thought of death: I know whom I would die to protect and I also understand that nobody but a lugubrious serf can possibly wish for a father who never goes away.”  – Christopher Hitchens, in Hitch-22: A Memoir

Having spent this weekend with my two beautiful little girls and learning how each of them are growing and becoming so much more every day is awe inspiring to me.  The eldest loves me more than I deserve.  It is a rich blessing.  The youngest is mini-me in so many ways.  Both of these little ladies teach me so much about life and surprise me every day at their wisdom and profound senses of honor and respect.  A man could not ask for more.  I only hope that I get to watch them grow up even more and watch as they live and love and flourish into everything they have the promise of becoming.  … and that I will always be the man that they believe deserves their deepest love and respect.  They are my life’s amazing jewels.

At the end of today, Father’s Day, my eldest cuddles up to me and whispers, “Daddy, why were you over by the computer crying?” Me, “Nothing, angel, no reason.”  Her, “I hurt when you hurt.”  Me, “I was just thinking of how very blessed I am to have lived long enough to have known, loved and been loved by you and your sister.”  Her, “I love you, Daddy.”  Me, “Me too you, with all of my heart.”

You see, as silly as maybe it might seem?  I find that being their daddy – that’s something sacred to me.  Always has been; always will be.


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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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