An Accidental Definition

Azure Colonies - The Road Less Traveled Defined

An Accidental Definition
by Michael Romani

There is a sense of scattered taunts
Hidden in the hand painted fonts
That reaches for the imperative
Found in an industrial narrative
Where the cross thatched tags
Create a sense of visual lag
Between what was meant to be said
And the impressions in another's head

At what sort of cost
Is that something lost
When we walk away
From the handcrafted days
It seems the importance of feeling
In those things that set the head reeling
Are more important than the roads paved
And are worth every minute being saved

There in the midst of the mapped out
Is the removal of all doubt
Decisions mysteriously made
Can be put on and visually displayed
In fractured bits of information
Important to our sense of transformation
Moments of publically private obsession
Put out in a synthesized confession

Tick tock as the clock hand passes
Spent lost in memories of art classes
Wanting to be meaningful to the huddle masses
Not just a cliché behind stereotyped glasses
Intuitive music finds its own special blend
Blown up out of scale and hard to defend
It is these accidents of sudden success
That come to define us at our very best

(c) June 19, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved




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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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