The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Burn2 - Fire Moon - Alien Chorus Line

Based on Twilight Zone, Season 1; Episode 22

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
by Michael Romani

Late summer on Maple Street, USA
Children play as laughter rings on this sunny day
The day begins its descent; it's 6:43 PM
The ice cream man gets a cone for each of them
A meteor or something is seen in the sky
In a quiet, reflective moment passing by

One by one, notice is made of power going out
Ill at ease, the neighbors fill with doubt
The neighborhood begins spreading crazy talk
About invaders from space as people balk
A young man tells a conspiratorial plot
As a crowd gathers around listening to the thoughts

The thought that maybe cars that aren't starting
Is something to prevent others from departing
Suddenly a neighbor's car cold starts on it's own
One by one community unity is lost stone by stone
Suspicion rises as the crowd gains a mob mentality
Gone is the once neighborly sense of sentimentality

The extrapolation grows until it's a monster's family
Infiltrated fifth columnists from beyond familiarity
Looking for reasons to find even greater suspicion
Wearing a narrative of fright and blanket disposition
The suspected man speaks out against this social flare
And of his unwillingness to be part of its snare

Rumor mongering chatterers grow and glow by candlelight
As fears grow and the shadows begin to rule the night
Once a neighborhood of friends becomes lost in madness
All that's left is the tragic and filled with sadness
Self appointed hanging judges strike in observation
As increasing fear and paranoia consume the conversation

Society loses as it becomes a glaring menace to itself
Reasons for uncertainty comes a sort of macabre wealth
Pointing fingers linger with each new sordid accusation
Until one finger too many points back in self annihilation
Friends being to eat one time friends as fear is alive
Until at the end, there's a wonder who will be left to survive

From the shadows, a solitary man approaches slowly walking
Footsteps echo on the street causing panicked, anxious talking
Until a shot rings out and the shooter crows the monster is dead
Rolling up only to find that the monster is a dead friend instead
The price is paid by all by not waiting for clear identification
It's a horrifying finality beyond any sort of redemption

Neighbor against neighbor, estranged heart against heart
Paves the road toward taking our civilized world apart
The rule of the mob rabbles into its own full kilter
No longer caring or daring for reasoning's clear filter
A stone's throw bring its reckoning of bloody vengeance
And the chief finger pointer gains his true percentage

Desperate for his own chance at some sense of exoneration
The twisted accuser offers his scapegoat for satisfaction
The voice of reason is drowned in the tsunami of fear
Until there is only separation and bloody anarchy here
Outside, alien agitators sit back and watch the fire's glow
Having manipulated incidents that will make the ripples grow

It turns out that the most dangerous sort of enemies to be found
Are our society's members as their civil cover is lost all around
In a nation of differences  filled with the special and unique
One becomes a distrusted many when fear raises up to speak
Instead of civility, it's a world filled with sardonic Maple Streets
Where distrust is easily bred and riotous chaos entreats

One to the other and another no longer trusted as just the other
Leads to sister fighting sister and brother against brother
The tools of conquest are casually brought into instant test
Showing that manipulation of thought afflicts the very best
Prejudice can kill even the most innocent and suspicions destroy
Real world and Twilight Zone show how easily this is employed

(c) June 17, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Invictus - Where Angels Fear To Tread II


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