Freedom 1776 – 2017

Memorial to Operation Enduring Freedom -  Wishing I Could Bring You Home Again

Freedom 1776-2017
by Michael Romani

In thinking on America's revolution
In the quest for sweet freedom's contribution
Each man willing to die to be free
I confess puzzlement at this mystery
That a people who sought so hard for liberty
Would compromise others into savage slavery

There in the merriments of Christmas procession
Is an unveiling of my words of American confession
For in my time, this is so very far removed
It's easy to look back on things now improved
But what I wonder caused this calamity
That is now a blight on American history

That some men might treat others
As if they were less than their brothers
That the children of Mother Eve might be chattel
As though they were but common cattle
It strains my soul to know this -
This something that in my heritage is amiss

Freedom defined and refined in solemn proclamation
Was necessary to truly free this, my adored nation
Chilled on a winter's night - filled with quiet hush
Something that should have never been at first blush
By blood, this sin would come be reconciled
And freedom's name would come to no longer be defiled

Ancestors of mine gave up their lives with dignity
Standing for honor and right in devotion to Divinity
On that blood stained, soul strained Gettysburg field
Where lovers of freedom refused to ever give yield
It was better to be on the side of the Almighty's fight
And bring our independence to freedom's sacred light

June 30, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

American Graffitti -  The Price of Freedom



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