Happy Bastille Day!

In remembrance of the assistance France gave to the United States in securing our freedom and that we have been allies and friends since then, I wish the people of France and the lovers and admirers of France, a…

Saluting the struggle to be free everywhere and a hope that the people of the world remember that freedom is not found in the chains of anyone’s chains of oppression:

Happy Bastille Day!!f - Bastille Day Baby Babar

Always mindful of the small gift of liberty that the French government helped us to have in the United States:

Happy Bastille Day!!f -That Small Gift of Liberty...

The fight continues against the socialists and globalists who wish the people of the world to subsist on bread, cake and crumbs:

Happy Bastille Day!!f - Let Them Eat Bread, She Said...

We will fight on in the name of freedom and liberty until we triumph or we perish:

Happy Bastille Day!!f - Paris 1900 - Arc de Triomphe

But today is France’s special historic day and so we here at Aloha Promises Forever join in this celebration of the human spirit:

Happy Bastille Day!!f - Paris 1900  Freedom

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Bastille Day!!

Happiest of Bastille Days, France!!






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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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