Living Rooms

The Empire Room - My Moment of Moments, Sweet Keeper of My Soul

Living Rooms
by Michael Romani

Starting with a strategy
Based on sense of priority
Found in a feel of empathy
Not one based on sympathy
And in consideration of facts
That leave one feeling relaxed
There in a processed interrogation
Filled with meaningful questions
It's an interested inquisition
That then begins the imagination

No one any longer lingers
A moment further on tradition
Post-Modernists pointing fingers
Of blame for today's conditions
Still reserve and eloquence
Hold their heads high in precedence
But, enough with stale sentimentality
This is an age of showy theatricality
Even still there is something to be said
For the subtle and sensibly pled

The purpose is an endowment of joy
Where peace and well-being employ
That every room should seem to be
One its owner longs to enjoy and see
All living rooms should be breathing rooms
Filled with subtle light and not gloom
It's all about a feeling of experience
One that must be complete, not by inference
Satisfying the inner sense of our humanity
Truly caring for the sharing, not the vanity

The conjunctional moves beyond functional into good
Not just in presence but into what it could
Staring with a fascination for this human's race
And how it behaves differently dependent on space
Somehow in the vast history of architecture
The modalities of life is felt in all its textures
And a sense of seriousness is felt in preferences
That have brought about a brave world of differences
Where touching the heart matters more than pretense
And living returns to the rooms of its audience

(c) July 15, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserve

Home, Sweet, Home - Just Kiss Me


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