A Prayer of Fellowship

House of Prayer - Prayer - A Plan of Slavation

A Prayer of Fellowship
by Michael Romani

Looking around I see 
This is not where I belong
I sit here praying quietly
Listening to the singer's song
This is not my home
But, I am not alone 

Praying without ceasing
My faith is never decreasing
Keeping my direction connection
A walking sort intercession
Never allowing myself not to pray
It's how I make it through the day

Faith that acts, asks, and endures
Get the answers and the cures
Asking for righteous things for me
Acting with justice and purity
Keeping my faith and my belief
Wearing it well in seeking my relief

Praying in my unassuming postures
Enduring my emotional tortures
These are mostly self afflicted
Expectations to which I am addicted
Making believe that God demands
Things that He never commands

God is with us in all that we do
God is seen in all that we view
There is never a moment of absence
Always there in the present tense
And I am desperate in my requests
Praying in the faith keeps me at rest

Knowing that it's me who freely chooses
I make no room for false sorts of excuses
I give my all of the best of my faith to the Lord
The sword of faith unable to be cleaved by sword
Finding prayer as my best communication
Seeking out God's wisdom and His direction

(c) August 2, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Based on Wednesday night's sermon which centered 
on Mark 5: 21-22

House of Prayer - Food For the Soul



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