World Lion Day 2017

Today is the day to celebrate the king of the jungle.  Sadly, due to poachers and encroachment, there are at best approximately 20,000 lions left in this world of ours.  The goal of this memorialization is to increase awareness of this rapidly decreasing population and save this beautiful species from extinction.  Extinction is forever!  Let’s hope that the day never comes that we lose this part of our world heritage.

As recently as the 1940s, there were approximately 450,000 lions on the earth.  Today, we have approximately 20,000.  The National Academy of Sciences has issued a study in 2015 that reports the expectation that the number will be halved within two decades if nothing is done to stop this.  Again trophy hunting and encroaching human populations are attributable for this plunging decrease.  Surely, there is a way to coexist in a reasonable manner.

It was not until 2015 that the two lion subspecies were brought under the protection of the US Endangered Species Act.  This was a direct result of the publicity surrounding the killing of Cecil the Lion in that same year.  This has not halted sports hunting but has curtailed it to kills authorized under scientifically managed programs.

Since the implementation of these sustainable hunting programs, there has been some measurable success in the recovering numbers for the population of the Asiatic Lion (panthera leo persica).  Since 2010, the population has grown by 27 percent.  These results are encouraging.  There is, however, much need for improvement.

So today as you go about your business, we at Aloha Promises Forever encourage you to hug your human Leos and think on the sustainability of the wild lions in Africa and Asia.  The jungle needs its kings and queens.  Myself, I need to go hug Ally and my eldest daughter!!








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