Bleach Headed Coral Blues

The Coral Garden of Amarantha -Underwater Reef

Bleach Headed Coral Blues
by Michael Romani

Airport Reef
Bleached white
My heart knows grief
At this horrifying sight
White, as far as the eyes can see
White, in a way that should never be

There in all of its enormity
It had happened very quickly
Danger spread across the planet
It's true that man did not plan it
A dire sort of change has come
Spread over all, not just some

There an issue to be addressed
Our corals are greatly stressed
There in the general lack of ease
Is every sign of global disease
The indwelling algae have been dispersed
We can only hope that it doesn't get worse

It is the truth of the less than desired
Finding signs of the oceans on fire
The currency of these broken times
Speak to us in terms of broken climes
Time lapsed capture of pending disaster
Could be calculated but not what they were after

So many degrees of uncomfortable unknowns
Storms of life are constantly what's shown
There is a sense of utmost dreaded urgency
What has been found hints at an emergency
Still, we must be alert to other answers
As to what is causing this globe bleeding cancer

The truth, whatever it is, must be found
No matter how far we have to chase it around
There is but one thing that is very clear
We must face our future without careless fear
What is wrong, we must fix to the right
We do this best by keeping truth in sight

(c) August 11, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Coral Garden of Amarantha -Neptune's Lair


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