Time Spent With the Harvard Classics – The Golden Sayings of Epictetus – Epictetus

The Golden Sayings of Epictetus are drawn from the teachings of the slave Epictetus by his pupil, Arrian, and published as Discourses  and Enchiridon.   The essential breakdown is that philosophy is a way of life not just a theory.  To be at maximum peace begins with understanding what a person can actually control and acceptance of this.  That excludes external events.  These should be accepted with the understanding that what we individuals are responsible for is our own thoughts, actions and reaction in response to these external events.  Epictetus taught this might be best approached through self examination and  applying rigorous self-discipline towards all of these externals that constantly act on us throughout our lives.

The foundation of all of this is to acquire self-knowledge.  By this, it is meant that our level of ignorance should be the first thing we study.  Logic then provides valid reasoning and certainty in judgment are necessary but subordinate to practical matters.  All of this rests on the development and steadfastness of our integrity.  Honesty is paramount and lies are not to be tolerated in ourselves and not to be accepted by others.  But there we step in that  gray area and distinguishing border that exists between those things in our power (prohairetic) and those things not in our power (aprohairetic).

Further examination of stoicism will be discussed at a later time in this on-going series.

Volume II, of The Golden Sayings of Epictetus may be read in their entirety beginning here:


Or, if you would prefer the entirety of the work may be heard in audiobook format here:


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