Instrumental Blues – Part I

Early on when I started discovering that I liked playing more than classical, I started developing an interest in the blues and then blues rock before even the jazz then progressive hard rock periods of my life.  Now, I mainly just listen.  Not a lot more to do when an angry person destroys all that you have and manages to carve into your pay until all you have is between 25-50% of your pay is there?

Survival and memories become the new game plan.  Oh and then there’s the hope that you might find a way of somehow bringing in more money.  But, I am so technologically a caveman that I haven’t managed to get either the link to PayPal or Amazon correct.  So, really this has turned for the time being into a repository of writing samples and quirky photographs taken in a virtual environment called Second Life.  I think in part, this has sort of developed into a legacy for my little girls rather than monetary salvation to fight to get them with me more and to have something to give them when they are.

Recent news that I have received has put me into a nostalgic mood for things that I always wanted to share with my princesses but maybe I never will other than putting this out there for them to find when they are older.   So, since maybe I won’t be around to teach them how to play music when they are older and ready, I have started compiling a sort of educational but fun look at some of the best of genres that I hope they get to experience in their lives.

One of these is the blues.  Particularly, instrumental blues.  They have such fun and giggle something fierce as I play their little practice guitars behind my back and so on.  It means everything in the world to me to see my girls love music and have such beautiful voices.  and…

It seems like it might be almost a partial waste if I didn’t share these music playlists as well as the Harvard Classics material with those out there who might also find some value in this.  On part two, I will talk a little about the blues.  Somehow this post has become a ramble of wishing it was.. was what I’m not exactly sure. just was…..

Without further ado, Blues Instrumentals, Part I:

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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