Himalayan Purification

Mt Everest - Rintaku Dragon Pagoda

Himalayan Purification
by Michael Romani

Bursting before the storyteller's eyes
Played out across the pale Himalayan sky
In their red and saffron robes, neat and attractive
Are the Bhutanese monks, happy and quite festive

Morning prayer les to Buddhist rituals quite active
Debating thoughts of ego that might seem argumentative
But are really a practice of quashing and letting go
In an almost Medieval atmosphere without equal

Too much attachment to personal views breeds hostility
Seeing through another's eyes lends instead vitality
Final preparations are made for a fire blessing ceremony
As the locals rush through a lit blaze seemingly unruly

Jambay Lhankhang Drup ceremoniously washes away the sin
Through fires lit to exorcise the year's evil again
The festival begins with a dance of black hats
While Buddha rubs his belly and serenely pats

The revelers discovered in rich, vibrant pageantry
Ancient living discovered with faith and gallantry
Five days spent in a series of sacred ritual
Until now, I'd never thought of a fire gate as spiritual

(c) August 19, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Mt Everest - Whiskered Blue Dragon







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