Temptation Frustration

Paramount - Aerial 's Fairy Vision

Based On Matthew 4:3-4

Temptation Frustration
by Michael Romani

It's all of the persuasion
That mighty temptation
Oh, the frustration
Of falling for that deception

The price invested
When we are bested
By the glitter of lies
Such convincing alibis

That we allow inside
To bring us to our terms
Even as simple as pride
Our failures deeply burn

Until we are seared
As we are falsely steered
Away from the compassion
Lost up in passions

And lose our ways
In a darkness of days
That have gone astray
Fallen to knees, we pray

Telling ourselves lies
Selling ourselves in sighs
We try and we try
But still mercy cries

Until we name that lie
And assert the truth
Reaching for the sky
Proclaiming the sooth

The preacher preaches
In his words he teaches
Going through examples
Pulled from life so ample

Too many temptations 
That call out to be tasted
Self defeating contemplation
That can lead to lives wasted

Or we can learn God's ways
That bring healing days
Putting aside the temptation
Finding blessing in self reflection

(c) August 23, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Angels & Demons: Eternal Conflict - Winged Warrior




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