In Defense Of (Damage Done)

Castle, Home and Garden 2017 - Castle Grounds At Night

In Defense of Damage Done
by Michael Romani

Even after all the damage done
The battle has only just begun
Words will not win what must be won
But with the courage needed as one
One who can move beyond the anger
And somehow past the paths of danger

So much wrong is as often an omission
As it is a deliberate act of commission
The difference between can be hard to see
As the vile forces join hands in conspiracy
It's all that one man can often do
To just keep on moving and passing through

The tiresome journey can be so very hard
And the way through seemingly all but barred
There is no pretense that everything will be fine
But this life will be taken back one day as mine
Through strength of prayer and perseverance 
I look up to the skies shaking my fist in defiance

There is no amount of stolid pep talk
That will be enough if you won't walk the walk
Holy water only washes away so much stain
There are the sins of the father in mirrored refrain
Singing the choruses of far too much regret
It cuts too deep for even a soldier to forget

Don't talk to me of justice; you have none
The streets are mean; there is no mercy for anyone
Hearts dealt with self made trappings of fear
Filled with so many promises lost in vain tears
But, I for on will fight on making my stand
If you walk with me, hold on tight to my hand

(c) August 24, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Brothers In Arms - Bended Knee For Those Still Missing




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