Moving Past Our Procrastination

Ville de Coeur -  Moonlit Church

Based on James 1:22

Moving Past Our Procrastination
by Michael Romani

Be a doer not just a thinker
Moving on beyond a milk drinker
Inaction doesn't get us there
It's best to move on to where
No more procrastination
Time to move on to the destination

There are a lot of reasons to delay
But, we know it's best another way
Daring to dream is just the first move
We have to keep on to find the groove
The first step is the right direction
In making our heavenly connection

Failing to move toward the Father
Like reluctant sons and daughters
Give a little meaning in our prayer
To get to that place where
Each of us want to belong
Putting to practice; making faith strong

Seek out the Father's guiding hand
His ways and words help us understand
We'll move on past this fatal temptation
Moving toward our faithful redemption
Pushing into grace and past our desires
Moving toward heaven - away from Hell fire

We want to do good things but then we don't
Saying we'll do it tomorrow, then we won't
Better to keep focus on our daily walk
Putting our love into action; moving past talk
There's no moment better than now
If we give it to God, He will show us the how

Overcoming our delays will lead us to peace
Finding all the pressures start to decrease
No longer finding our backs to the wall
Life is lived so much easier without the stall
When we get there that's where we'll find
We'll make our way to that sweet peace of mind

Caught in that evil draining cycle of inactivity
We find resistance getting lost in negativity
Knowing full well that lazy hands make us poor
But, diligent hands bring out lives so much more
Procrastination and being lazy are two of a kind
At least in my life that's what I think I find

To find our way to good service and satisfaction
We need to move toward our needed direction
This is the driving not the driven sense of purpose
A dreaded affliction that cuts into most of us
We all have our causes and reasons for procrastination
Perhaps the worse of these is the need for perfection

I know this and somehow sense the frustration
But, I also know we can't allow this aggravation
To put a wall between you and your destination
We have to move forward without hesitation
It's better to do good and know we'll feel it
It's the real deal and the only way to seal it

To keep these lessons in their needed connective
It is vital to keep all things in their perspective
Trusting in God is the thing that brings the call
That puts our feet to the path past this wall
Seeing what we must do in all that we are 
Keeping our eyes fixed on his guiding north star

Do what you do with all that you know is true
And what you do will be a true offering of you
Keeping our eyes on what we know is needed
Fixing our hearts on His words and ways heeded
Living the joy of service to each sister and brother
We are called to the path of loving one another

(c) August 27, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Calvary Chapel SL - - A Gift For Us All

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