Short Form Poetry Workshop –

How do you write Ekphrastic Poetry

• Ekphrastic poetry can be done with any existing work of art, from painting to sculpture, to architecture to comic books to a fast-food joint napkin logo, to television and motion pictures.
• Any work of art can of course be taken on many levels. The degree to which a poet wishes to elaborate on such is up to the poet.
• Focus on either the art or the artist behind the piece of art.
• Look at style, color, shape, texture, image, imagery, subject
• Is there a story beyond what you see
• Profound or superficial, elaborate or simple
• Any free verse or form
• Any length
• Rhyme or meter optional


Mardi Gras Jazz Trio Silhouettes

Jazz Trio In Bronze
by Michael Romani

The Jazz Trio plays witness
To the alloy's sordid fitness
Bronze played from the heart
May not win first place
But it stares you right in the face
And that's how the music starts

It's a mystery, how something so impure
Makes the highest level of sculpture
But so it is with life that it's the mix
That blends so often into the fix
That kicks into that something jive
That makes us all feel so alive

Pressed against the widowed wall
Facelessly formed to the witness' recall
Each note fitting in a syncopated pocket
Puts hair on end like a finger in a socket
They played it out in poly-rhythmic detail
As the tenor sax notes began to wail

Here in this mish mash they assemble
Like the combo that they resemble
Each catching a falling star into a galaxy
Each finding something new to say to me
This fine tuned jazz trio in bronze
Ugly ducklings that turn notes into swans

             ... That fly away

		      ... Into the night

(c) August 29, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Empire Room -Perfect Trio of Soulful Jazz



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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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