Thought For the Day: Your Happiness Depends On the Quality of Your Thoughts

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”  – Marcus Aurelius, in The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Do you want more peace in your life?  Realize then what you can and cannot do.  By this, I more mean what you do and do not have the ability to change and make your own.  You are responsible for your own feelings, actions, reactions, and thoughts.  External events are what they are.  It is all in how we choose to react to these that make the difference.

We cannot control other people’s actions, failures to act, thoughts, or feelings.  Only our own.  We can do and say and feel and think things that make those things that out of our control  better able to be amenable to what we want.  But, only to a certain extent.  Each of us sees this in our day to day interactions, right?  Then we have whole phenomena that go to show how completely we are unable to control our externals.

The example in my mind this morning is the obvious one.  Harvey is impacting millions of people right now.  Some rise to the occasion, e.g., the Cajun Navy, even the mother who recently made the news by sadly drowning to save her toddler.  I am certain there is a special place in heaven for those folks.

Others have lowered themselves, e.g., that professor who stated the people of Texas deserve this destruction because they voted for Donald Trump and the looters and those who have or will take advantage of their fellow man because of this path of destruction.  I am equally certain there will be a special place in Hell for these types… at least if they do not change their ways and ask for God’s forgiveness.  This storm has brought out the best in mankind and the worse.  All depending on how they internally took or take in the circumstances and act or don’t act on these.

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