A Kind of Sonnet of Blindness

Peace Is A Choice Gallery - The Old Guitarist

A Kind of Sonnet of Blindness
by Michael Romani

Observed as an adage calling for an eye for eye
It's the way of the world until this world is blind
You may think this as justice, but I - 
I think this is very much unkind
More than once, it's crossed my mind
Especially, as I leaf through history's pages
Learning of all the trite, little rages
As petty tyrants overthrow the throne
In favor of a dictatorship all of their very own
It's whispered this is the way it is and will be
In this unpleasant Maya that passes for reality
But, then what if we all refused to join the fight?
Would it be as if we finally turned on the light?

(c) September 2, 20017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Planets - Mercury, The Winged Messenger - Dark Side of the Light


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