First Principles: Well Thought Out Morals, Actions and Policies Lead to The Best Outcomes

“There exists in the economy and course of nature, an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness; between duty and advantage; between the genuine maxims of an honest and magnanimous policy, and the solid rewards of public prosperity and felicity.” —George Washington (1789)

It is like the old computer adage, right?  You know the one.  Garbage in; garbage out.  Folks that will not learn from history, have little attention to details such as science and math, and are not even apparently capable of empirical observation want to lead society down the path they feel is best for all of us.  E.g, Gore and company kept telling us and some still do that Polar Bears are at risk.

Newsflash:  Polar Bears are at the highest population that they’ve been since at least the 1970s by almost double the population size.  Surprised?  You should not be, the Canadians and the US have taken them off the endangered list for quite some time.  Shortly after the math was checked and empirical observation confirmed what us know nothing conservatives (read that “classical liberals”) have been saying for a very long time now.

Do you want better maybe even good outcomes folks?  It’s always wise to start at the beginning.  What are you learning?  What are you taking in as your information and guidance?  What’s the track record?

With all the false information handed out by folks we should be able to trust, it’s no wonder society makes such bad choices.  The worse part?  Those who are increasingly becoming the minority with respect to actual governance be it state or federal and every branch are the loudest and working with people in the media who would rather be a propaganda source than provide the best, most complete objective information available.  Then if we rise up against that well it’s only because we don’t know what is good for us?

Anyone else tired of this?  There’s only one way we get this back on track.  If we keep finding that people are ‘colluding’ against us, we the people, we the people need to hold them to task.  If someone makes a mistake and for example states that something factual is the opposite and something not factual is, there is the chance that they are simply wrong.  Let’s provide the evidence.  That fails to change the game back to objectivity?  Let’s hold them accountable.   Civility and firmness are not mutually exclusive.

This is particularly true and necessary in the face of a group of folks who wish to clamp down on the free market of ideas and decide what we’ll think and that anyone dissenting should be called a criminal or charged with racketeering  (“RICO”) or even shamed into either conforming or be cast out of polite society at best or even imprisoned.  This is not what our country believes in yet one party is filled with multiple members who are advocating just that.  Aren’t you, Democrats? (See the group of Democratic Party State Attorney Generals openly advocating silencing any dissent of free thought because science the great unsettled study is suddenly “settled”.

But, actually it’s worse yet.  We have a paper that was once touted as the conscience of our nation, The Washington Post, endorsing violence from a group that is either a terrorist group or a gang but certainly not interested in the best interests of America to suppress free speech and thought.  Newsflash:  You don’t believe in free speech until you believe those you disagree with have the God given right to voice their disagreements.

Want some more proof that these Marxist terrorists are not interested in the well being of America?  Where were they in the Texan floods?  I didn’t see any of them show up to help.  When you’re asking yourself that ask also please… where is Soros?  Where is Buffett?  Where is Gates?  For that matter where is Bloomberg?  Left leaning Billionaires without a penny sent in to help out the common man.  If you thought they were for the average man let alone the poor, you’ve been duped.  Haven’t you?  End of rant…



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