First Principles: The First Line of Safety Is People Helping People

“The ingredients which constitute safety in the republican sense are, first, a due dependence on the people, secondly, a due responsibility.” —Alexander Hamilton (1788)

One need only look at how people of walks in life have come together and helped each other during these Texan floods.  That’s what being a human is all about.   In the worse of times, I’ve seen the best of people.

I’ll do my best to ignore the worse of people like the Charlie people who I was only yesteryear supporting in their time of crisis but deemed it necessary to do a cover saying the Texan floods was about God wiping out Neo-Nazis.  My first instinct was outrage.  Then I thought of the other perfect man and his response to being nailed to a cross and forgave them for not knowing what they were doing in putting that out there.  I hope Charlie revisits this whole thing and repents from it’s misguided ways.

While on topic, let me apologize right now for having my doubts about Osteen.  Sure enough it was bad information being spread.  Where?  On the front pages of mainstream media.  Does anyone really doubt now that we are getting way too much false information from those we are suppose to be able to trust?  It is beyond lame.  I cannot encourage people enough that when you hear bad things, please take a moment and fact check it yourself.

Later today or this coming week, I will be posting something that was a “fact check” that is from an allegedly reputable fact checker.  The oddity of it all is that they fact checked the first assertion by substituting in another word than the word used and both words mean almost entirely the same thing.  I was astounded.  More about that later.

In short, the people are not the deplorables caught up in a basket of misbegotten ideals, we the people are the essence of what is good and honorable.  Sure, we have our flaws.  But, we love our nation and our laws.  When the chips are down, we the people are our first line of help, protection and care.  If you doubt that at all, read up on the good coming from the self help given by the Cajun Navy.



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