Trinity Afterthought Take One

This poem actually came up on my Facebook account as a memory. However FB does it they deemed this worthy of bringing back up to my attention:

Hypnotic - Crossing Bridges One Step At A Time

Trinity Afterthought Take One
by Michael Romani

I know that I'll never be perfect
I'm only perfectly flawed.
And as I look on others 
I stand surprised.
Too often completely awed 
By the God wave 
Roaring through my soul.
As I see the random acts of kindness
I won't call it senseless beauty
Heaven knows the sense
Despite our human pretense
Is a trinity afterthought

Nailed upon a cross 
Too often of my own choosing,
What is the loss 
But the thought of love refusing.
All that passes for certainty
Is too often just a confusing.
As I fix on unimportant somethings
And give up on brass rings
That are well with my grasp.
I fall on the sword 
Of an imaginary asp
Poisoning my own dreams

Still I reach out for love
Still I reach out in love
Hoping for that love 
And in all of those things
The shortest distance 
Between we two people
Is the smile that we share
An instant connection
An echoed reflection
I find my all within your care
And I know this love 
Is a trinity afterthought

(C) September 9, 2013
all rights reserved

House of Prayer - Sharpened At the Altar Crossed





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