Holding On To Thee

Based on the Wednesday evening devotional service’s sermon based on Hebrews 4:2:


2 For we also have had the good news proclaimed to us, just as they did; but the message they heard was of no value to them, because they did not share the faith of those who obeyed.a

River of Bethel -Names of Jesus

Holding On To Thee
by Michael Romani

Holding on to thee as you hold on to me
Always keeping me in your loving family
Even in moments when I have grown weak
You give me the right words to speak
When I've faltered, you reach out to encourage
Giving me strength when I need your courage

I've had times in my life that I've wondered
Stumbling blind, I find again I've blundered
Lost in misunderstanding the plain meaning
Wondering who it is that I've been busy being
Walking my own path and somehow missing
Feeling like ship in a storm that's listing

I've got to hold on hard to the faith and hope
Tugging tight and pulling up against that rope
I have to hold on to that spirit that is indwelling
Flipping on that switch when my pride is swelling
Intellectualized into the less than truly idealized
I find my values have been too deeply compromised

So I hold on so tight to your loving, guiding hand
I hold on tight to your words so that I might understand
And give it all to keep myself heeding that call
When I forget, it's your love that helps me recall
So, I hold on so tight to your loving, guiding hand
According to my faith as it's always been planned

In accordance with my faith, it's been said and done
Following the ways of the Father, Ghost and the Son
The Faith of a mustard seed makes it all possible
Can you believe this? Tell me are you really able
The Son of Man has come to test our measure
Tell me now, where do you keep your treasure?

For here I am and there you are; we're holding on
As the strong winds blow strong until we're gone
The earthly treasures never quite meet the measure
False gold has it's glitter but offers no real pleasure
It's better that we hold on tight to God's law
Keeping it before us where we can read and recall

We need to hold on and rally to the Lord's good word
Keeping us in the remedies and our maladies stirred
Even when we don't see this happening so quickly
And we feel the world closing in a little sickly
We ask this in our Father's name to heal up the lame
Knowing this is the only fitting end to this game

The game of life is best lived...
By faithfully living to your ways
The life we have is best lived
In all of our remaining days
Keeping our eyes on your name
Forgiven though we are to blame

(c) September 13, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved





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