Life On the Run

Sunday’s sermon was based on Acts 27:

Serenity's Heaven - Shipwrecked On Coastal Rocks

Life On the Run
by Michael Romani
We all know the story told
All that chaos that unfolds
Bad choices that we have made
That don’t quite make the grade

Sometimes life comes at run
Every moment feels undone
Sometimes we have no control
Life comes in its own roll

Hurricanes sweep on through
And there’s not much to do
It’s that bad extraordinary
That raises up the ordinary

This world is out of order
Oft times up to our borders
We mortals live this pain
Certain that the world is insane

But one day will come the glory
The fruition of this whole story
We’ll see the end of history
Come with the Father’s victory
For the time, this thing seems breakable
And we find we need to be unshakable
This whole thing comes crashing down
We find ourselves feeling like clowns
It is then that we need to stand strong
Prepared to respond to every wrong
We know that we need to do rightly
So we land up still living correctly
Three truths known as chaos occurs
Are the truths needed as it blurs
Times like these need a steady head
Keeping peace and calmness instead
Beware the hubris that makes us fall
We need to turn to God and then recall
That God is there no matter where
We can turn to Him and He is there
Giving us the very strength to endure
Healing our hearts, giving us the cure
No matter what we see on the surface
God is with us and these things will pass
Drastic things will happen as a fact
We need to trust in God in how we act
His saving arm is long enough to reach
He listens and speaks in order to teach
In every moment of every moment each day
In every circumstance and in every way
God is doing what is needed to be done
All for the good of those who follow the Son
There is one more lesson to be drawn
Be not afraid to lead in this world of the fallen
We are God’s ambassadors to take charge
These things must be lived right as large
Naked and afraid we face these moments in life
Wishing only for peace and finding instead strife
But if we keep our focus in heart and in prayer
We can rest in the assurance, He’ll always keep near
(c) September 24, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Sunfall Landing -  Yaquina Lighthouse With A Splash On the Rocks










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