A New Life Blessing

New Life Christian Fellowship Church - Preacher Clarkson and Chorus

A New Life Blessing
by Michael Romani

More than just a guessing
Life lived in it fullest blessing
Lived out in His full story
It's a tale of love and glory

Whose glory? His glory
Whose story? His story
Across all the respected places
Painted across all the holy traces

To praise is the thing that I do
It's what will bring me through
Through all of life's broken trials
They can't take away my smile

Having to raise my spiritual fist
To protect against all I've missed
Breaking down the walls of pain
Entering the season we refrain

Living in a cover of God's trust
In all of these things we must
Rejoicing in our sad stumbles
Facing this with praise not mumbles

The source of my gladness
Is found there in the Goodness
In all that the Lord brings
In all the words of my life sings

There in the struggle is our victory
In the drawn lines of cynical history
There are the things we celebrate
Reaching out in the faith of our fate

Tough times find their own intensity
In all that we have as our propensity
In the storms of life we find our eternity
We stand amazed in this enormity

(c) October 1, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

New Life Christian Fellowship Church - Grace Bridges The Gap





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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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