Sonic Gems: Night and Day – Joe Jackson

David Ian Jackson was born on August 11, 1954.  He grew up to become an English musician and singer/songwriter… and ohh to resemble Joe Cool aka Snoopy.  On recognizing this in the midst of his early musical career, he picked up the moniker “Joe Jackson”.  In 1979, his first release Is She Really Going Out With Him? became a hit.  After a number of new waves singles he moved onward to jazzy pop and scored another hit with Steppin’ Out.   Along the way, he composed some classical and recorded 19 studio albums which culminated in 5 Grammy Award nominations.

In June of 1982, Jackson released his fifth album Night and Day as a bow toward the wit and wisdom of Cole Porter and New York City.  In short, this was a surprising cinematic swirl of rhythm and big piano chords split into the bustle of the Night side and the mellower Day side.  New Wave dissonance blended with harmonic sensibilities of two tone shoes made to step out into the night make this a neuvo bit of romanticism that has to be listened to carefully for all of its nuances to surface.

On a scale of one to 10, this is definitely a nine in its genre.

You may listen to Night and Day by Joe Jackson here:

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