Running Down Petty Dreams

Dedicated to the extraordinary life of an ordinary every day hero of the common men and women of our cynical generation desperate for the reason to hope that he so often gave us.

Villa Mariposa - Fiesta

Running Down Petty Dreams
by Michael Romani

Perpetually running down his dreams
From the first count in and fan girl's scream
The had found his own musical clue
Fully aware, real and prepared to pay his dues

Grabbed from his deep Southern pocket
And launched like a damnable rocket
The heart broken hard rocker
Was the sure and steady show stopper

Now, the old mad hatter has left the scene
Free falling' into another kind of dream
His spirit was as unpretentious as a wildflower
Like us trying to figure out life to his final hour

A bit snaggle toothed and lank of hair
As the waves crashed down without a care
We all felt just a bit lucky at times
Stealthily playing at life's punkish grime

Living life a bit like a refugee
There was a lot of jingle in his jangle
Hard hitting, propulsive and jittery
His classic hook had it's catchy dangle

Caught in his too true Southern accents
Played out all the way to his last dance
Rocking around all the minutes of incidence
He would never be a victim of circumstance

A Rickenbacker's plaintive keening
Wailed distinctly optimistic in its meaning
Played out in the palm's mute of feeling
That was and is always soul revealing

(c) October 4, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Devin 2 - Spoken For, Indeed - Sealed With A Kiss





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