Thought For the Day: Happiness Is In the Mastery of Hardships

“A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships.” – Helen Keller

Using her own life as an example, Helen Keller, showed the world how to master hardships that knock down so many others.  Her optimism and strength were amazing.  No, these are still amazing.  It’s interesting how we hear so little about people like this today.  Instead of focusing on the goodness of others, it seems we dwell on the negative, preferring darkness over light.

I wonder why that is.  More, I wonder why we don’t do more to fight against that.  In the recent crises we have been facing, I have been a little heartened.  Certainly, the media has been more inclined to march in all of the bad parading it before us like some sort of sadistic sideshow.  But, little glimpses of light have peered out.  Men and women risking their own lives to save others; people who have refused to let other suffer alone; people who have come forward to say ‘not on my watch’ and take a stand; people who have loved people enough to do what was needed.  This then is America.  This then is the best of the world – wherever such acts are found.

I wish our focus was more on this than the horrors we embrace like slow train wrecks from which we cannot seem to look away.  Reality check?  e.g., Puerto Rico… how many dead?  Yet the entire commonwealth was destroyed.  Now, that should be utterly amazing.  That we had troops in place to try to respond even before the hurricane landed?  This too should be amazing to all but those who profit off of doom and gloom.

Vegas?  The sociopathic son of a sociopath came up with a plan of destruction and put it into play in one of the worse ways possible.  There is not getting around how horrible that is.  I’ll confess this.  When I watch the few video clips or view the few photos that I have not been able to avoid, I tear up.   It’s so utterly devastating that this event has happened.  But, when I hear about the people who responded and stayed by the side of those who needed help, my hope and faith in humanity is actually a little restored.  From so much bad, there is a little good.  And that is where I would rather keep my eyes.

No the weapons did not do this.  One lone sociopath did.  Democrats need to stop politicizing inanimate objects and think on the people behind them.  We as a society need to perhaps shore up the laws already in place.  But what we cannot do is allow horror and fear and sadness to make for bad law.  We have a Constitution and we have reasons for why each and every amendment in the Bill of Rights was put in place.  We cannot allow madmen or conniving politicians to overrule reason and God given rights no matter how politically expedient.





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