Foothold Out of the Pathological

Occupy SL - Wall of Loud Mouth Murderous Thugs

Foothold Out of the Pathological
by Michael Romani

What do we do
When the horror descends?
When we lose a few loved ones?
When we lose a lot of friends?

We find the need to blame
To cast the blame on someone
For something we refuse to name
Shrieking in terror feeling undone

We don't want to blame evil
That's just too unbelievable
And if there is evil, there must be good
We leave that unspoken though understood

This removal of any sort of truth
Has made a mess of things, since our youth
And now it is that we are forced to see
The dangers of taking God out of society

Oh, I see you laughing at me
For all of my 'made up' fairy tales
But, I cry for you, dabbling
Your toes in those poison wells

Watching as you lash out
Laughing in derision, cast in doubt
While glad handing politicians seek control
The demons and angels wrestle for our souls

Looking out with battle lines blurred
We fight each other with passions stirred
One lone answer looks with love at us all
The problem is we separated Him by putting up a wall

Footnoted references to the semi-mythological
Have created a society too close to pathological
Turning our world upside down from intended resemblance
Except for those praying on our knees; our best defense

(c) October 6, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Sea Grass -  Murder At the School House







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