The Answer

House of Prayer - By the Book

This morning's sermon was based on Acts 10:34-43. 

The Answer
by Michael Romani

In this world so filled with vile 
There is an answer to reconcile
While we fight against that dark cancer
We can know that Jesus is the answer

Sung in a mixed chorus that is our life
Where we find peace replacing strife
Jesus people once again are in the street
Acting boldly, talking truth and moving fleet

This is the message of the New Testament
This is the truth of truth and what is meant
It's a message of hope and a message of peace
Preached in the gratitude that gives its release

Everlasting life walked in our forgiveness
This is the dealing of this Jesus business
This is the message of salvation for all people
A simple truth given out under the steeple

Since the days of Adam we have fallen
Into sin too often ignoring God calling
Only through Christ is there reconciliation
It's an expectation of full consideration

Let your heart be still in love and unafraid
Making every effort to be peacefully made
These things are spoken as our guidance
Believing in the edification of sweet Providence

More and more we are to be like Jesus
Putting on more of Him and less of us
Spreading peace and sprinkling His joy
Practicing love in all that we employ

In each thing we do, let us do that good
In all the things we do, let it be understood
That we have done good through life's end
To one and all doing our best to be friend

In a world of hurt and so many hearts broken
it's the compassion and care that needs spoken
This is the lesson learned at the foot of the cross
For humanity's great gain, He endured this loss

Only for a blip in this thing we call eternity
But in enduring Hell, He gave us immortality
Turning life's waters into sweet tasting wine
Turning our sins into sparks of the divine

Focusing on the miracle but on the motivation
Helping one another and giving needed inspiration
As we walk each other through life's many storms
Focusing on making this life's new sort of norm

Jesus as one in the Godhead's living body
The lesson of oneness for all of eternity
The figured out puzzle of how it all fits
Covering up our mistakes as love exhibits

There in the moments of needed mercy
Jesus has paid the curse of our penalty
The ransom paid in full in all of its entirety
The ultimate blessings for you and me

(c) October 8, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - Jesus Is Our Answer



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