Whittling Away

Serene Heart Community - Seeking Forgiveness

Wednesday night’s sermon was based on Psalm  34:8.  The following poem is based on the sermon.

Whittling Away
by Michael Romani

Sharpening the focal
Looking at the local
In the midst of a journey
To strengthen you and me
Constantly whittling away
Until only the good stays

Taking refuge in these things
As life comes and brings
All those little torments
That make up for all our moments
And provide for our rest
In garden of all the very best

There in that admission again
We know we live in corrupted sin
Until that day, we no longer pretend
Knowing that God is our friend
It's the truth of being redeemed
Better than anything we've dreamed

It is there in that deep essence
Dwelling peacefully in God's presence
A living universe in His control
Every moment for our souls
Directed to teach us our lessons
Without any sort of hesitation

Just how much our heavenly father gives
Providing all that we might live
Knowing that our Lord is good
In all the things we've understood
Taking us close to His heart
Where we've belonged since the start

The goodness of God in the Bible
Teaches us He is most reliable
In all of the promises He Keeps
As strong and just as it is deep
Wrapping my mind in realization
That God is journey and destination

God invites us to take a taste
Moving along slowly not haste
A sample given out so freely
All the good we might see
So much goodness on display
Too too good to throw it away

Blessed that we answered His call
And it's best that we always recall
That His goodness is given in mercy
Written through every page of history
All the questions left be asked
Remain as matter of what's to be tasked

Though at times we are oblivious
To all the goodness that should be obvious
But it's given in His good time
Always in His time down the line
Carried in the palm of His loving hand
Simply waiting for us to maybe understand

And for us to follow our God most high
A stronghold of refuge waiting our reply
His offer to watch in our day of trouble
Giving us comfort, more than double
As we struggle through our doubt
Knowing God will always work it out

(c) October 11, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Basilica Carolina Cathedral - Carved Medeival Altar



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