Burn It Down

Burning By Cica Ghost - Church Bell Cremains

Burn It Down
by Michael Romani

Trying to figure out
What happens next
Life lived with doubt
Following dots that no longer connect

It's who I am, they say
It will never again be right
Swimming upstream just to get away
Looking for beauty with only ugliness in sight

I grew up on the wrong side
Filled up with too many mistakes
Over the top in a swell of pride
Embraced by a thousand heartbreaks

Breaking it down
In a heated tumble
That's what's going down
As I watch my world crumble

Going down hard but with a fight
There's no more bark left, only bite
Eyes wide opened though I'm blind
This life of mine has been unkind

The heartbreak slips
Right through my finger tips
Shooting from my hip
In the memory of your lips

A spray of bullets exacts its price
Blood money is its own worse vice
As I lay here whispering my goodbye
The time has come... and I am ready to die

(c) October 13, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Burning Man - Deep Hole - Conception


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