Sonic Gems – Arvo Part – Tabula Rasa

Born on September 11, 1935, Estonian composer Arvo Part is world renown for his classical and religious music.  His music is partly inspired by Gregorian chant and he has performed as a musical minimalist since the late 1970s.  He is one of the most performed living composers.

Part’s tintinabular music  consists of two voicings.  The first, arpeggiates the tonic triad the second moves diatonically.  The works usually have a slow, meditative tempo.

Tabula Rasa was composed in 1977 and consists of two movements, Ludus and Silentium. The double concerto is written for two violins, prepared piano and chamber orchestra.

From a noisy beginning as a composer, in 1968, Part began to study Medieval music in earnest.  When he emerged 10 years later, his music was completely changed,  Kernels of ancient music slip into pulsating rhythms that connect on a cellular level.  Mysteriously quiet swells of deep and searing spiritually beautifully burned into the heart and soul.

In short, Aloha Promises Forever gives this work a 9 out of 10.  If I hadn’t been sick all day and tending to two sick daughters, I think this might be heard as a 10.  Some beauty lends itself to repeating.  This sort of music is just that.   To paraphrase, this is quite possibly the music of healing angels.

Tabula Rasa may be listened to here:



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