Sonic Gems – Roxy Music – Avalon

In 1971, Roxy Music was formed as an English Art Rock band by Bryan Ferry (vocalist/songwriter, Graham Simpson (bass), Phil Manzanera (guitarist), Andy Mackay (sax and oboe), Paul Thompson (percussion), Brian Eno (synth), Eddie Jobson (synth and violin) and John Gustafson. Although they took breaks in 1976 and 1983, they stayed together until their breakup in 2011.  Most of Ferry’s solo releases used his bandmates as studio musicians.

The band were pioneers in the more sophisticated elements of glam rock and influenced early punk.  As time went on, multiple new wave acts modeled themselves after the band while differing somewhat as to electronic elements.   Roxy Music has been ranked by Rolling Stone as one of greatest artists of all time.

The final studio album was Avalon  in 1982.  This album is seen as a smoother, more mature sound from the band’s later work.  The single, More Than This, preceded the album and became a hit in multiple nations.

This was an album less brash than past albums and unconcerned with conventional hit singles.  Instead, the album was textured in waves of lush, tactile pleasure.  Dreamy pools of shimmering synthesizers are enveloped in bass and high-gloss disco drums.  Laced between these lines is the dejected voice of Bryan Ferry singing about love and longing with an erstwhile weariness that touches the heart.

Hypnotically perched in the shadows of loneliness, Ferry strikes as deep as a candlelight seduction.  The simmering torment becomes us all and for that reason among many, this album gets a 9 out of 10 by Aloha Promises Forever.

You may listen to Roxy Music’s Avalon album at:




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