Sonic Gems – Gustavo Santaolalla – Ronroco

On August 19, 1951, Argentine Gustavo Santaolalla was born and became a world class musician, film composer and producer.  He has won Academy Awards for Best Original Score in consecutive years for Brokeback Mountain and Babel.  He is also known for his scores for the video game, The Last of Us and the series Making A Murderer.

After years of producing rock en espanol, Santaolalla’s film composing career began to reach a certain stride as well.  In 1998, he released Ronrocco.  Through his simple etudes he introduced the world to the ronrocco (a sort of ukulele originally made from armadillo shells) and the charango ( a five string small guitar).  In doing so he translated Andean folk instruments into soulful tones in a latticework of stringed instrumentation.

Though spare and reflective, his music is less the meanderings of some New Age instrumentalist than the creator of music that might have once existed in the Andes.  Take a listen and see if you might not imagine yourself transported up along the Andean mountains enjoying a sunset looking down on the too busy world we all know and live.

For it’s original and melodic voice, Aloha Promises Forever is giving this album a 10 out of 10.  Take a listen and see if it doesn’t bring a sense of peace to your soul.

Ronoroco may be listened to in its entirety here:


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