Here In This Age of Wonder

Southern Heat -  Day Dream Shared

Here In This Age of Wonder
by Michael Romani

Here in this age of wonder
Mankind dreams much and then blunders
Governments desperately try to lead
In words, actions and in deeds
Yet, with all of this going on
Some of us dreamers still hope for once upon

These are the hopes and dreams
That drive us human beings
As we plan, strive and nurture
Reaching out for that unknown future
While wars around us rage
It is the few, not the many, who turn history's pages

Questions fill the souls of the some
Who wish they didn't know and were numb
Instead these few push to do their duty
Knowing only to have courage and hold on to loyalty
Men and women such as these are not strangers
As they push on sideways and head long into danger

All for the sake of the protecting the dreamers
Those who conceive the plans like schemers
Certain that they have found the ways
That will bring about mankind's better days
Taking us toward that better place
Where's it love instead of hate that we embrace

(c) October 22, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

California Dreamin' - Time Is Was; Missing A Memory



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