Curious Destiny

Devin 2 - Spoken For

Curious Destiny
by Michael Romani

Destiny is a curious thing
Complications that life brings
Broken moments perilously collected
Bits of truth quietly detected

How obvious does it have to be
When the blind know more than those who see
Banded together by fate
More than a few dollars short and always late

Together, we serve life itself
Dispensing wisdom from books on the shelf
Chaste we stand against the darkness
As one voice whispering against the harshness

Even a broken mirror reveals the truth
No matter how fractured or uncouth
Involvements in matters we traverse
Fearing that our efforts only make the world worse

(c) October 27, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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